Viewers noticed that Lottie and Mark were ‘flirting’ while putting their baking skills to the test on Bake Off. So are they actually dating?

Lottie Bedlow and Mark Lutton were seen getting along rather smoothly during Bake Off’s sixth episode, namely Japanese Week.

It led fans to wonder whether the bakers were actually dating. We done some digging to find out if they are just friends, or if there’s more to it!

Screenshot: Lottie and Mark, The Great British Bake Off, Episode 6 Series 4, Channel 4

Lottie and Mark on Bake Off

The bakers seem to have been pretty close friends since the start, and have bonded as they made it through each week.

However episode 6 saw the Bake Off say goodbye to Mark, which led Lottie to tears as they hugged and said their farewells.

They were seen sharing banter and trying to do better than each other in the signature challenge. It looked like Channel 4’s cameras kept getting their smiling reactions to each other’s bakes too!

Fans react to Lottie and Mark ‘flirting’

Their bond wasn’t ignored by fans, who kept noticing their “flirting”. However some just saw their connection as genuine friendship.

After a brief scroll on Twitter, it looks like viewers were more focused on their banter than the actual bakes.

One fan said: “The friendship between Lottie and Mark is my favourite thing about Bake Off, I’m going to be heartbroken if/when one of them gets eliminated.”

While another wrote: “My read on this bake-off: I hope Lottie and Mark are smooching off camera.”

Are Lottie and Mark dating?

Mark lives in Liverpool with his wife Laura. Although Mark and Lottie got along, it looks like it was purely just friendship!

Since leaving the Bake Off tent, Mark publicly thanked his wife on Instagram, who he said “gave him the confidence to apply for GBBO, recipe inspirations, and the motivation to continue at the hardest times”.

And judging by Lottie’s Instagram account, she is currently single.

It looks like she’s kept in touch with her fellow bakers, such as Marc and Laura, who she has shared pictures with on her Instagram.



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