GBBO: Buy Noel Fielding's pink cartoon jumper from Bake Off episode 6!

For Bake Off series 4, host Noel Fielding has not disappointed with his unique and wacky shirts and jumpers, just like previous years. So where can fans buy his pink cartoon jumper on GBBO episode 6?

It’s no surprise that viewers have been wanting to bag their own versions of Noel’s fashion sense, such as his smiley jumper or t-shirt during this series.

In episode 6, he can be seen wearing an eccentric pink striped jumper with a woman on the front. So where can fans buy the exact one for themselves?

Screenshot: The Great British Bake Off, Episode 6 Series 4, Channel 4

Buy Noel Fielding’s jumper from episode 6

Noel wears the statement piece of the Australian-based Wah Wah art punk jumper collaboration with Irish illustrator Laura Callaghan.

The brand is inspired by the punk rock record covers, gig posters and old-school comics beloved by designer Kaylene Milner since she was a teenager.

Costing $250 – equivalent to around £191 – it is made out of 100% superfine merino wool and is a unisex sweater.

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The style references a “nuanced, fierce, fashionable and complex woman”, with the magpies symbolising Laura’s superstitious move to Belfast from London, when she would see lots of them on a daily basis.

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Where to buy similar jumpers to Noel’s

The Wah Wah site boasts a range of cartoon-like jumpers like the one Noel wears, which all cost $250.

While Farfetch has a Tom & Jerry sweater, which is available for £347.

But if you want something for a smaller price point, Wish have several cartoon jumpers and hoodies, such as this Powerpuff pink design for £4.

Additionally, eBay have a wide range of cartoon jumpers for around £15.

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Fans react to Noel Fielding’s wardrobe

Noel has never failed to deliver with his iconic jumpers and shirts. One of them proved particular popular – a smile jumper from Raf Simons.

Before tonight’s episode of Japanese Week airs, viewers are already keen to know where Noel’s jumper is from.

One GBBO viewer said: “Ok where did Noel get that sweater??”

While another said: “All I want is every jumper ever worn by David Rose on Schitt’s Creek and every jumper ever worn by Noel Fielding on GBBO.”



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