GBBO: Matt Lucas' French bulldog shirt from episode 5!

GBBO: Matt Lucas' French bulldog shirt from episode 5!

Comedian Matt Lucas was somewhat of a fashionista in GBBO episode 5, as he modelled a French bulldog shirt that fans loved.

While his co-host Noel Fielding usually takes centre stage with his eccentric tops, it looks like Matt has taken a hint of inspiration from him, or perhaps just channelled his inner love for French bulldogs.

We couldn’t help ourselves but look for the exact French bulldog shirt worn by Matt Lucas. So here’s the lowdown on the comedian’s top!

Ep5. Noel and Matt. Picture: Channel 4

Where is Matt’s French bulldog shirt from?

Matt’s team on Twitter revealed that all of Matt’s shirts are specially designed and made for him, to be worn on Great British Bake Off.

It came after several fans wanted to know where they could buy the French bulldog shirt for themselves.

So unfortunately, viewers won’t be able to buy the exact shirt. However fear not, as there are some alternatives that look very similar!

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Where you can get similar shirts

There are quite a range of dog print shirts available online. Yogis might love this patterned shirt with dogs performing yoga from Forever 21 for $19.

While there isn’t a huge amount of patterned French bulldog shirts, there is a very similar style to Matt’s available, but with pugs on instead. You can buy this for £70 from Claudio Lugli. The same website also offers a cocker spaniel shirt for £60, if you prefer that dog breed.

Women can also get their hands on a dog patterned shirt from Rydale. And if anyone fancies getting their hands on the same print in face mask form, there is a viewer who can create these!

Fans react to Matt Lucas’ shirt

It seems like Matt’s dog print shirt stole the show on GBBO episode 5!

Several fans took to ask the host where he got it from on Twitter.

One viewer said: “Ok where did @RealMattLucas get that shirt on #GBBO I need that shirt… Someone find it for me!”

Another said: “Love @RealMattLucas on #gbbo “my body is my own business”… and that shirt!!!”

And it may even be the start of a new business venture…

Another viewer said: “Very likely the designs will be ripped and sold across the internet without Matt’s input – since there’s clearly an interest, maybe time for a fashion label or a limited run for charity?”



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