Thanks to dating shows, filmed in hot and sunny locations, we get to forget that the furthest we can travel right now is to the living room or the garden.

First Dates Hotel has returned for series 5 in 2020, set in a luxury resort close to the gorgeous Amalfi coast.

Like every season, a new line-up of contestants has signed up on the Channel 4 series to look for a romantic partner. And what a better way to meet your other half than in a dreamy destination like Italy.

One of the singletons looking for love is Georgia Rose. So, let’s meet Georgia on Instagram and get to know her age and career better!

Georgia on First Dates Hotel 2020

Meet Georgia Rose

Georgia, 27, is an estate agent from Leicester.

Speaking on the Channel 4 series, the brunette explained that she puts an extra effort into her appearance since her job requires meeting new people every day.

Georgia revealed that she dated both men and women in the past and she was in a 6-year relationship with her ex.

Though she said she’s attracted to women, the First Dates Hotel star said she sees her future with a husband and a dog. Georgia said:

I haven’t totally ruled out women but I’m more attracted to men and I see myself in the future with a husband and kids and a nice little dog.

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Georgia on First Dates Hotel 2020

Georgia on First Dates Hotel

Unexpectedly, Georgia rekindled with an old friend of hers, Rachael, who she knows from Leicester.

The two met on social media and follow each other on Instagram, but this was the first time they’ve met in public.

Later in the episode, Georgia and Rachael went met for a dinner with their dates, though they couldn’t stop looking at each other. Guess, that’s the spark Georgia was looking for…

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Georgia and Rachel on First Dates Hotel 2020

Are Georgia and Rachael dating now?

No, Georgia and Rachel are no longer together!

Things were going well for the two on the show, so quite naturally people expected they would explore their relationship further and start dating.

However, the end credits of the episode on May 7th revealed that Georgia ended up with Blain after returning to the UK!

That was a shocking twist for many viewers watching at home…

Follow Georgia on Instagram

We found Georgia on Instagram! Unfortunately, her Insta profile is private at the time of publication.

With nearly 500 posts, her follower count has risen from 1.5k to more than 3.5k followers after her stint on First Dates Hotel. However, we firmly believe that the figure could rise further if her account is open to the public.

You can find her under the handle @georgiarosew. On her bio, she says she’s based in Cheltenham now, so she might have moved after she filmed First Dates Hotel.



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