Nat Eddleston, known as the boyfriend of Gogglebox star Ellie Warner, was involved in a car accident. After the news hit headlines, fans have been wondering how old he is while he spends time in hospital.

She has been receiving hundreds of messages after it was revealed her partner is reportedly fighting for his life and is on life support after being hit by a car. Nat is said to be suffering from a broken neck and collapsed lungs.

Ellie is often heard sharing snippets of her relationship with sister Izzi, such as FaceTiming him while filming for the Channel 4 show, or making comments about recent memories they have made as a couple.

We found out Nat’s age and how long both him and Ellie have been together.

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What happened to Nat Eddleston?

Nat is currently in intensive care (at the time of writing) after being hit by a car. He has a broken neck and collapsed lungs following the incident, which happened during the early hours of Saturday morning (March 19th).

Ellie is yet to break her silence on social media, but sources close to the TV star say she is “fearful” her boyfriend could have brain damage following the incident. She has also remained at her partner’s side since the accident happened.

A source told The Sun:

She has barely left the hospital since this happened and Nat is getting brilliant care and treatment. At the moment they are living hour by hour and just praying that things get better.

He is now on a life support machine. Nat, in his 30s, had earlier been with friends in his local pub in Halton, as reported by The Sun. He was later struck while walking home by a white Seat Leon travelling out of the city just after midnight.

The car, which sustained a smashed windscreen and dented roof, reportedly continued for 100 yards before stopping. Nat now has a broken back, broken neck, two collapsed lungs and possible brain damage, a family member revealed.

Ellie Warner’s beau: Age and background

Nat is currently 31, and has appeared on Gogglebox several times alongside Ellie. He temporarily replaced her usual sofa sidekick Izzi for two weeks, when she couldn’t be there for filming.

Ellie herself is 31. From Leeds, Nat is a midfielder and previously went to Corpus Christi Catholic College. He is now the owner of three dogs alongside the Channel 4 star, called Mick, Madge and Morris.

Nat – who was born in December 1990 – became a plumber in 2014, while Ellie works as a hairdresser.

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How long have Ellie and Nat been together?

Ellie and Nat have been a couple for a few years. When she first appeared on Gogglebox, they didn’t live together, but she first mentioned him on the show in 2018, so they have been an item for at least four years.

The couple purchased their first home, a 1930s semi-detached house in Leeds back in March 2021, which they planned to decorate with a “pop of colour” and “second-hand finds.”

She recently shared a Valentine’s Day snap of Nat with a kebab, the same post where hundreds of fans have sent their well wishes for Ellie’s beau to have a speedy recovery.



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