A Gogglebox fan favourite has a famous son, but did you know he’s not going to be appearing on the show? Despite him filming episodes for the series, it seems he won’t be coming back.

Marcus Luther has been starring in the hit Channel 4 series, Gogglebox, with his partner Mica Ven since 2018. The two have been reacting to the best and weirdest telly of the week with their shared son, Yash, and Mica’s two daughters Sachelle and Shuggy.

However, the Gogglebox star Marcus Luther has another son missing from the show that has never made it onto the screen.

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Who’s Marcus Luther’s son?

Marcus Luther is the father of a 22-year-old Shiloh Defreitas, also known as ‘Shy’. He co-parents him with Shy’s mother from a previous relationship. At just the age of 23, Shiloh not only boxes but is also a boxing coach.

Shiloh’s stage name is ‘Sugar Shy’ and has already fought in the ring more than 85 times. His upcoming fight is on May 21 in London’s O2 Arena.

With 12k Instagram followers, the young athlete’s feed consists boxing-related content. Some of the posts also feature his Gogglebox star dad.

The two seem to have a very good relationship, despite Marcus not speaking much about him through his Gogglebox series. This may down to not confusing the viewers as Shy doesn’t appear on the show.

Shy also occasionally posts training videos with his father in Surrey’s TM Boxing Gym, which was founded in 2009 by Marcus himself in the hopes of helping local disadvantaged youngsters.

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“No Gogglebox from him, he’s a fighter.”

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Marcus had plans to star Shiloh in Gogglebox, but it just wasn’t for him. According to The Sun, Shiloh filmed a couple of scenes for the series with his father but “it didn’t work out and his scenes never made it to air.”

Speaking to the BBC, Marcus said: “Gogglebox is not for everyone. Not everyone can ‘Goggle’. [Shiloh’s] too aggressive.”

“Me and him just argued so I told him to sling his hook. The producers were trying to help him out but then he’d go off on one again. No Gogglebox for him, he’s a fighter.”, he continued.

Not being featured on the Channel 4 hit series, the only way viewers can learn more about the young boxer’s whereabouts is through Shy’s social media accounts.

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Marcus will choose his boy over boxing – “any day of the week”

Being Shy’s trainer and also his father, Marcus’ admitted to being worried about his son, despite him being a professional boxer.

If there’s one thing that Shy will never allow his father is to “pull him out of a fight and would rather die in the ring”.

He said: “But… He’s my baby. He doesn’t want me to throw in the towel but am I going to sit there and watch my son potentially die in the ring?

To make it clear, Marcus said to always “choose my boy over boxing, any day of the week” despite loving the sport. What a good relationship the two have.

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