As one series of Gogglebox ends on Channel 4, another one begins… Celebrity Gogglebox kicks off on Friday, June 5th!

The 2020 series will, like the most recent series, be filmed remotely in the celebrities’ homes. Unlike previous years of filming, they won’t have a full camera crew present due to social distancing guidelines. But that doesn’t mean they won’t put on a great show. In fact, Celebrity Gogglebox has pulled in one of their best line-ups to date.

Joining the series is Nick Grimshaw and his niece, Olympic athlete Nicola Adams and her girlfriend, plus many more famous famous.

One of the couples which many Gogglebox viewers were curious about is Denise and Eddie. Plenty will recognise Denise as a TV presenter and actress, but less know about her fiancé Eddie. Find out everything you need to know about the Celebrity Gogglebox couple!

Denise and Eddie – Celebrity Gogglebox

Who is Eddie Boxshall?

Eddie Boxshall is a 47-year-old commodities trader from Essex. He specialises in the oil business, which basically means Eddie was buying and selling stocks of oil.

It is unknown whether Eddie still works as a commodities trader, as in 2018 he landed in hot water with his employers SCB & Associates. Eddie was accused of sending hundreds of emails containing clients’ details to his private email account. SCB’s suspicions of Eddie mounted when he then formed his new company Black Gold Energy Ltd.

Eddie Boxshall is suing SCB for unfair dismissal and unequivocally states that there was nothing improper about his business conduct.

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Denise and Eddie: Relationship timeline

The couple got together in July 2014 after being introduced by a mutual friend, presenter Zoe Hardman. This was Denise’s first relationship since her split from husband Lee Mead in 2013.

Denise and Lee had one child together, a daughter named Betsy.

It has been reported that Eddie has two kids of his own, but wants to have more with his fiancée Denise.

Denise and Eddie on Celebrity Gogglebox

Denise and Eddie have signed up to star on Celebrity Gogglebox 2020. This is not the first time that the couple have hit up the Gogglebox sofa, as they appeared on the series last year.

Speaking about their second Gogglebox appearance, Denise posted on Instagram:

Really excited to let you all know that we’re going to be back in Celebrity Gogglebox. We can’t wait to be back on the sofa and back in your living rooms.

They moved in together in January 2019, so the home we see on Celebrity Gogglebox is assumed to be their joint residence.



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