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daisy and paul celebrity gogglebox

Celebrity Gogglebox: Who is Paul? He appears next to Daisy Cooper in Episode 6!

Channel 4’s Gogglebox is the Friday night show that has always has us laughing right into the weekend.

Fans who watched the latest episode saw celebrities’ reactions to TV shows. Amongst them were comedian Mo Gilligan and the UK’s favourite barrister Judge Rinder.

If it wasn’t entertaining enough, Friday night’s show saw new additions Daisy and her dad Paul laughing off the edge of our seats.

So who are Daisy and Paul Cooper? They have already become a pair of show favourites!

Screenshot: Daisy and Paul Cooper, Celebrity Gogglebox, Series 2 Episode 6

Who is Daisy May Cooper?

Daisy is an English actress and writer.

She is best known for her role in BBC Three series This Country, where she plays Kerry Mucklowe. Daisy co-wrote the show with her brother Charlie Cooper, and won Best Female Comedy Performance for her acting role at the BAFTAs 2018.

The 33-year-old is currently pregnant with her second baby. The baby’s father is Will Weston. They already have a one-year-old daughter together.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

She has 505,000 followers on her Instagram. Follow Daisy at @daisymaycooper.

Who is Paul Cooper?

Paul is father to actors Daisy and Charlie Cooper, as well as owner of This Country merchandise store Pipsqueak.

He appears next to Daisy in Series 6 of Celebrity Gogglebox. Paul also regularly shares photos of scare crows to join in with This Country banter on his Instagram account @paul57cooper.

He also stars in the BBC Three series himself, and is seen practising lines for an audition on social media (although it isn’t clear which show

It also looks like he runs the Children’s Football Alliance, which regularly host This Country-themed football matches. According to Instagram, it is a coalition of organisations that safeguard and advance the rights of children in football.

Daisy and Paul: Their daughter-and-father relationship

The pair appear to be close on Celebrity Gogglebox, and start cracking up when Dominic Littlewood on Celebrity Masterchef drops naan bread into the oven, whilst another is stuck to the inside.

Daisy finds this particularly hilarious and comments on the cooking.

Don’t concentrate on the one that’s fallen down. Get the other one off because it’s been on there for over a minute. He couldn’t have f***ed that any more than he did.

When announcing their first show appearance on Instagram, Paul referenced himself as Daisy’s “dear old da”.

They share regular laughs together, with Daisy saying in one social media post: “I thought I’d let you see the shit I have to go through when my dad asks me to help him do a self tape for an audition.”








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