Last night marked the last episode of Season 16 of Gogglebox, but there are still a few cast members that we don’t know very well. Who are Amira, Amani and Iqra?

This series of Gogglebox has without a doubt been one of the best, with the likes of Pete and Sophie Sandiford, Mary Killen and Giles Wood and Ellie and Izzi Warner keeping us entertained during lockdown.

Gogglebox viewers definitely have their favourite families, but there are so many more cast members that we didn’t get to see very much during the series.

Who are Amira, Amani and Iqra? Let’s find out a little more about them.

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Who are Amira and Amani from Gogglebox?

Amira first joined Gogglebox alongside her friends Iqra and Amani. Then, she started appearing on the show with just Iqra, but towards the end of Series 16 she’s also been on the show with just Amani.

The three are all schoolgirls from London.

Meet Amira

Amira is the only one of the three friends who has always appeared on Gogglebox. She is the main cast member and often has viewers in stitches over her hilarious laugh and reactions.

She joined in Season 10 as a schoolgirl from London and not much is known about her personal life.

The teen used to be active on her Twitter @amirasrota and Instagram @amira_gogglebox however she hasn’t been active on those since 2018 despite continuously appearing on the show.

Meet Iqra

Iqra has appeared on the show on and off since season 10 alongside Amira.

She is also a schoolgirl from London and little is known about her background and family life.

Iqra has a Twitter account @justiqs but she’s rarely active on there, and it’s unknown if she has Instagram.

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Meet Amani

Amani has also appeared on the show alongside Amira and she’s been on the most recent season.

It is presumed that the three all know each other from school, and are all from the same area of London.

Her social media and personal information is unknown.

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