Popular Channel 4’s Gogglebox tv show left viewers unhappy following an X-Rated scene of a duck seducing a woman. Yes, you read that right.

Every week, loyal viewers keep up with the news and lives of the popular Gogglebox cast. Trying to demonstrate to them what it meant to be a woman in today’s generation, the cast was given a clip to watch as part of their quota.

Never seen on television before, they were all left completely speechless. Definitely, not something that someone would expect to see with their family members or partners.

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A seDUCKtive scene

Credit: Channel 4/Gogglebox
Screenshot | Channel 4/Gogglebox

On Friday 22’s episode of Gogglebox, the cast sat down to watch an X-Rated scene from the Apple TV+ series Roar. Based on Cecelia Ahern’s collection of short stories, the cast was left disturbed after watching The Woman Who Was Fed By A Duck.

According to My London, Roar “weaves together eight darkly comedic feminist fables that take unexpected approaches to subjects like gender roles, autonomy and identity”.

During the scene, the duck, whose name is Larry, seduces the woman named Elisa. The two ended up forming a friendly bond, but things escalate. Eventually, Larry the duck performs a sex act on her.

Yes, you read it right.

Gogglebox’s Jenny and Lee, as well as siblings Pete and Sophie, were shocked and couldn’t believe what they just had seen.

Compared to the rest, Giles and Mary tried to see the logic of the story and even commented on the behaviour of the duck.

All confused, Giles said: “The duck can’t physically…” to which Mary replied, “Well he can Nutty, he can use his beak.”

Nonetheless, it was a shocking moment for the show’s regulars to be told to watch such a scene.

Gogglebox flooded with complaints

Pictured: Pete & Sophie.
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Not only did the cast of Gogglebox witness such a shocking scene but also the viewers from home. It seemed that some were not having it and went to the length of complaining to Ofcom.

After the scene, Ofcom confirmed to LADbible that they had received 149 complaints about the X-rated moment.

The complaints did not end there, others went over to their social media accounts and shared their unpleasant reviews on last week’s episode.

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They weren’t all bad though, some Twitter users laughed at the awkward situation.

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