Gogglebox fans were delighted with the news that the series would continue amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Although there is currently less new content on our screens, as productions draw to a halt, Gogglebox is proving there is still plenty of entertainment to watch; from Netflix series Too Hot to Handle to more obscure hits like Kings of Pain.

But what has concerned fans is the absence of one of the regular watchers, as the two Siddiqui sons are filming the current season without their father, Sid.

So where is Mr Siddiqui? What has happened to Sid, and when will he return?

Screenshot: Gogglebox S15 E10 – 4oD

The Siddiqui brother’s dad goes missing

For the past couple of weeks, the Siddiqui bros, Umar and Baasit, have been starring in Gogglebox as a duo. Normally, their dad Sid joins them on the sofa.

Viewers were quick to spot the absence of Sid, as his giggly contributions to the show have earned him many fans. An obvious concern of many was Sid’s absence amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Many have taken to Twitter to share their concerns, with many wishing that the Siddiqui family is in good health. Considering that Sid has been off our screens for over five weeks now, it’s hardly a surprise that some are concerned.

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Sid speaks on his Gogglebox absence

Sid finally revealed to fans his reason for not appearing on Gogglebox. Currently, Sid is practicing social distancing while the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, as he does not live with Umar and Baasit.

On Saturday, April 18th, Sid tweeted:

I am sorry for my absence from #Gogglebox, your kind & beautiful messages always overwhelm me with touch of sadness [sic]. These difficult times will pass.

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When will Mr Siddiqui return to Gogglebox?

As of yet, it is unclear if or when Sid will return to our screens.

While social distancing is set to continue for the next three, if not more, weeks, it is hard to state when Sid Siddiqui will return to the show.

Until Sid returns, Umar and Baasit will continue to be the stars of the show.



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