Gogglebox: What breed is Giles and Mary's dog?

Gogglebox viewers are absolutely obsessed with Giles and Mary’s dog – but what breed is it?

The new series of Gogglebox is well underway, and we’re getting to know the cast better and better every week. One couple that has been on the show since 2015 is Giles and Mary, whose poshness and charm certainly provides some entertainment. Giles is an artist and Mary is an etiquette expert and author and the pair live together in Wiltshire.

But there’s another member of their family that viewers are obsessed with – their dog! Here’s everything you need to know about their adorable pooch.

Viewers are obsessed with Giles and Mary’s dog

Episode 3 of Series 16 aired last night, and one segment of the show heavily featured an adorable furry friend, and viewers were obsessed with it. Giles and Mary’s dog often features in the show, but every time it does it’s always a real treat.

One Twitter user said: “Mary’s dog is gorgeous.”

“I’m obsessed with Giles and Mary’s dog on Gogglebox,” said another.

If you’re a fan of the beautiful canine then you probably want to know a little more about it – we’ve got all the details.

What breed is Giles and Mary’s dog?

  • Tibetan Spaniel.

In an interview with The Guardian back in 2018, Giles revealed that their beloved Tibetan Spaniel has died a year ago. So if you remember seeing a dog in Mary and Giles’ early days on Gogglebox then this isn’t actually the same one.


However, it seems as though they fell in love with the small, fluffy, intelligent breed and therefore bought another the same.

What is his name?

In the most recent episode, Giles and Mary revealed the name of their beautiful pup – Merlin.

Many social media users thought the name was pretty apt and really suits them, with one Twitter user saying: “Giles and Mary’s dog is called Merlin? Amazing, but then… why am I surprised?”

Hopefully we’ll see a little more of Merlin in the coming episodes!

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