We’ve seen all kinds of reactions from the Goggleboxers over the years. From disbelief and outrage to tears of joy and laughter, the TV they choose to watch prompts all kinds of emotion.

But in last night’s episode (Friday, April 24th), the Gogglebox cast were subjected to watching a new series which had them all hiding behind their cushions: Kings of Pain.

As the title suggests, Kings of Pain is not a pleasant watch, and the snake bite scene the Gogglebox team gave the cast to watch was particularly stomach-churning.

Check out some of the reactions to the Kings of Pain snake bite, plus how to watch episodes in the UK!

Screenshot: Gogglebox S15 E10 – 4oD

What is Kings of Pain?

Kings of Pain, like many series which came before it from Jackass to Wildboyz, puts pain to the test with a series of trials.

In 1983, entomologist Dr Justin Schmidt began ranking stinging insects on a scale from 1 to 4. He then published his report in a book called ‘The Sting of the Wild’ which was published in 2016.

Kings of Pain sees presenters Adam Thorne and “Caveman” Rob Alleva take Schmidt’s scale further with more venomous creatures. As you can imagine, it often ends in disaster.

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Screenshot: Gogglebox S15 E10 – 4oD

Goggleboxers react to snake bite scene

The reactors on Gogglebox tend to make sarky remarks or prod fun at what TV networks have to offer, but their reactions to Kings of Pain was something else entirely.

From shrieks of horror to outright shock, they all could not believe what they were watching. A lot of expletives followed the first snake bite, as you could imagine.

When the Kings of Pain ran the second snake bite experiment, South London’s Sue had to admit: “I don’t think I can watch this again.” Stephen Webb uttered: “I can’t keep watching it’s making me feel ill.”

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How to watch Kings of Pain

If you are enticed to watch Kings of Pain following the snippet we saw on Gogglebox, then we’ve got you covered.

The first season aired on the US History Channel on November 12th, 2019 and concluded after nine episodes on January 14th, 2020. Series 1 aired in the UK following this, however has been playing repeat episodes over the past weeks. But they’re not always at the most accessible times, for example, episode 8 will air on the History Channel on Monday, April 27th at 12 am.

It would be easiest to access episodes to Kings of Pain on catch up services.

You can find the History Channel on Sky channel 130, Virgin channel 270, TalkTalk and BT channel 327.




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