Samantha and Anne-Marie on Celebrity Gogglebox make Fridays 'perfect'

Samantha and Anne-Marie on Celebrity Gogglebox make Fridays 'perfect'

Anne-Marie has had many a sofa partner for Celebrity Gogglebox, from Tom Jones to Ed Sheeran, and now her sister Samantha. They’ve already had viewers in tears – sad and happy – and have quickly become fan favourites.

It is the Friday night show which has us either laughing and rolling around on the sofa, or on the edge of our seats as celebrities tensely watch a TV show or film. And this year, Anne-Marie and Samantha have joined the show line-up.

Wondering just who her sister Samantha is? Well, Reality Titbit has all you need to know about the hilarious sibling of Anne-Marie, and looked into just how close of a bond they have.

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Meet Anne-Marie and sister Samantha

Anne-Marie is a 31-year-old singer who has had several top hits, including Clean Bandit’s “Rockabye”, which peaked at number one, as well as “Alarm”, “Ciao Adios”, “Friends”, “2002”, “Don’t Play” and “Kiss My”.

Samantha Nicholson is four years younger than Anne-Marie, and often joins the singer on tour alongside her hectic work schedule. She even once surprised her sister, a judge on The Voice UK, by joining the show’s virtual audience!

From Essex, Samantha and Anne-Marie grew up in the East Tilbury area. Fast-forward several years later, and Samantha went on tour with Anne-Marie while pregnant. She is a mum to son Preston, who arrived in September 2019. 

Fans are loving the duo on Celebrity Gogglebox

Since Anne-Marie and Samantha began reacting to TV on Celebrity Gogglebox, viewers have loved their bond. Many have even branded their appearance as strong enough to make Friday nights “perfect”!

One fan wrote: “I wish I was mates with Anne-Marie and her sister, they seem like such a laugh #CelebrityGogglebox.”

Another told Anne-Marie on Twitter: “What an iconic duo [Anne-Marie and Samantha].”

Ahead of their appearance, a viewer said: “Just heard @AnneMarie’s returning to #CelebrityGogglebox this year with her sister Sam (@Sambonic) – they are the funniest together, and I cannot wait!! @C4Gogglebox.”

The duo are extremely close

Sam is such a fan of her sister that she even has a picture of Anne-Marie performing as her Twitter header image! Back in 2018, the singer told the world that she “loves her [Samantha] more than life itself”.

Now, the pair are clearly closer than ever, and are as “obsessed” with each other as they were as young children. Samantha told The Times just how she feels about her sister and said:

Even though we don’t see each other as much as I’d like, when we’re together we immediately go back to being silly sisters. We have one of those bonds that you only ever get from being sisters. She’s my best mate.

Anne-Marie is also extremely close with her nephew, Samantha’s son. She said that the singer is “amazing” with him and that he knows her music due to her going on tour with the star while she was four months pregnant.



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