Although much of the TV schedule has been compromised by the coronavirus pandemic, the new series of Gogglebox has continued to grace our screens with new episodes every Friday. The pandemic has somewhat affected the series, with notable cast members such as Sid Siddiqui missing as a result of social distancing guidelines, but there’s still some of the show’s favourites keeping it going.

Mary and Giles from Wiltshire have returned for series 15 and are proving to be this series’ most talked-about duo.

In episode 13 of the current series (Friday, May 15th), viewers were baffled as Mary Killen announced her husband had retired at the age of 21.

So what does Giles from Gogglebox? How did he retire at such a young age?

Screenshot: Gogglebox S15 E13 – 4oD

Mary talks Giles’s career on Gogglebox

While the couple watched Hospital: Fighting Covid-19, Mary mentioned: “We’ll just have to get herd immunity, it can’t kill everyone…” before her husband sighed: “Just as I’m starting to enjoy my retirement.”

Mary then retorted: “What retirement? You haven’t worked first. You retired at 21, so now you can start working – do it in reverse.”

This confused many viewers, as a career which lets you retire at the age of 21 is pretty non-existent in our book.

Giles and Mary reportedly met when they were both 21, while Giles was at Wimbledon Art School and Mary was working as a model. Giles was taught by respected British artist Maggi Hambling.

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Screenshot: Gogglebox S15 E13 – 4oD
Screenshot: Gogglebox S15 E13 – 4oD

What does Giles from Gogglebox do?

Giles Wood is a writer, painter and now broadcaster.

Giles used to be a landscape painter but now predominantly paints interiors for commissions. On his website it states that “Wood enjoys painting the clutter of peoples’ lives and popular demand has recently led him away from his trademark landscapes to specialise in interiors.”

It also notes that he has pretty impressive clientele who have commissioned his work from Henry Keswick and Robert Harris to Erskine Guinness and Robert Hiscox.

His wife Mary is a former Spectator agony aunt. She also wrote an etiquette book called How the Queen Can Make You Happy which was published in 2012.

Giles Wood’s art career and net worth

From Giles’s 2019 landscape collection, we found that his paintings ranged in price from £400 to £1,000. We can assume that his commissioned interiors collection costs much more.

According to The Sun, Gogglebox stars get paid £1,500 a month per family, which they can share out between themselves however they see fit. As they have starred on the show since 2015, Giles and Mary have racked up 46 months of filming as of May 2020. This means they have earned £69,000 from Gogglebox appearances, although that figure is likely to be higher thanks to festive specials and one-offs.

Giles and Mary own a cottage in Wiltshire with a one-acre plot of land. They have lived in the cottage for over 28 years. We looked at Wiltshire cottages for sale which come with plots of land and on average, they cost around £500,000.

We’d estimate Giles Wood’s net worth anywhere between £300,000 and £500,000 based off of these earnings and his assets.



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