While a majority of TV and film productions have come screeching to a halt amid the coronavirus pandemic, Gogglebox has raged on with its fifteenth series. The Goggleboxers are all continuing to broadcast from their homes, keeping us entertained and welcoming in the weekend every Friday night.

Lee Riley, 51, and Jenny Newby, 64, joined Gogglebox back in 2014.

The two friends from Hull are currently quarantining together in a caravan at Sand le Mere. But whose caravan is it?

Find out which Goggleboxer owns the caravan here.

Gogglebox on Channel 4

Who owns the caravan on Gogglebox?

Jenny Newby owns the caravan.

The pair always watch the show from Jenny’s holiday caravan at Sand le Mere.

Sand le Mere is a holiday village in Yorkshire, just a half an hour drive from Hull.

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Lee and Jenny in quarantine

Many Gogglebox viewers have shared their concerns, as it would appear that the cast aren’t adhering to the government’s social distancing rules. Besides the cast members who live together in the same household – if they live together full-time or are married – many have separate households and only come together during filming.

As many of the cast are still filming together, it raised questions about who was sticking to the rules.

One viewer tweeted: “Surely the Leeds sisters, Jenny, Lee and the Blackpool siblings shouldn’t be there together ?! #SocialDistancing #Gogglebox.”

But Jenny and Lee decided to socially isolate together in the caravan. It is unconfirmed whether their partners are also there, but Lee took to Twitter to announce the best friends were isolating together in the caravan.

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