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Gogglesprogs: Ollie and Ollie crack viewers up with their TV commentary!

Channel 4’s ingenious show Gogglebox allows viewers to watch a TV show of people watching TV shows.

Many Gogglebox cast members have gone on to find further fame after being on the show including Scarlett Moffatt and Sandi Bogle.

December 23rd 2019 saw the children’s edition of the show air, Gogglesprogs at Christmas started at 8 pm on Channel 4.

Eli and Orin, Molly, William and Beth, Hayden and Brooke and more all gather around their tellies for a kid’s edition of the show.

Gogglesprogs at Christmas starred best friends Ollie and Ollie…

Screenshot: Gogglesprogs at Christmas 2019 – Channel 4

Gogglesprogs: Ollie and Ollie

Gogglesprogs at Christmas introduces viewers to many young telly-box watchers including Ollie and Ollie who have been best friends since reception.

The pair of nine-year-olds hail from Hull, East Yorkshire.

Ollie and Ollie displayed their passion for learning on the show – they even had a spelling competition during the show.

Ollie and Ollie love Queen

Watching The X Factor: Celebrity, Ollie and Ollie took in all the auditions filmed at Simon Cowell’s house. After Jenny Ryan’s rendition of Queen’s Somebody To Love, Ollie said: “Incredible.”

During the performance, he said: “I think she’s doing really good.”

The other Ollie replied: “I think she’s doing really good because I just love Queen.”

The subject of Queen came up again when Ollie said that Rylan Clark had teeth like Freddie Mercury.

The pair aren’t afraid!

Ollie and Ollie are obviously a couple of confident nine-year-olds.

The pair made fun of their nums on the show when Supermarket Sweep came on.

Ollie said, impersonating his mum: “‘Oh, look at this, it’s a limited edition watermelon’.”

One Twitter user wrote that Ollie and Ollie “could be the next Ant and Dec” because of how entertaining they were!

Existence and landing on the moon

One of the most memorable moments of the episode was when Ollie started contemplating human existence:

What is life, what is infinity? It’s very strange. Every day I question how life came to be.

This really tickled viewers of the show, with many taking to Twitter to quote the young boys: “Everyday I question how life came to be” you and me both Ollie.”

Another hilarious comment from the boys came up when they had to watch the 1969 moon landing.

Ollie said: “I think a time when we were under a lot of pressure was, like Neil was, I mean, you were the main character of the play during the later bit and I was the main villain all the way through. It took its toll on me.”




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