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Grand Designs 2021: Updates on Elinor and Born in Richmond

Living a normal life with no allergies is something that many of us take for granted…

We usually expect bought foods to tell us the ingredients on the back to help those with allergies, but this wasn’t the case for 15-year-old Natasha Ednan Laprouse, who was allergic to sesame and died after eating a baguette from Pret as they didn’t list this as an ingredient.

So, this is what began Elinor and Born’s story…

Elinor and Born were on Channel 4’s Grand Designs in 2018, but what are they up to know? Let’s find out!

Who are Elinor and Born?

Elinor, 40, and Born, 39, are a happily married couple from South West London who share three children together, Avery (10), Pascal (8), and Blakely-Rae (3)

Elinor is an art dealer and art gallery owner, whilst Born is a sports technology entrepreneur.

Two of their children, Avery and Pascal, have many severe allergies, whilst Pascal also suffers from asthma alongside this, so Elinor and Born have dedicated much of their earnings to make sure they live in a safe environment for their children.

The boys have life-threatening allergies to many different foods such as dairy, egg, wheat, oats, gluten, soya, fruits, beans, nuts but also animal fur, pollen, and dust. All of which are found in many households!

No matter how hard they tried to limit their boy’s allergic reactions, Elinor has explained that they always still seem to come out in hives and rashes, meaning they’ve been back and forth from hospital ever since they were born.

Elinor and Born on Grand Designs

Elinor and Born featured on Grand Designs back in 2018, as they showed viewers their ‘healthy house’ that they wish for their children to live in.

They did this after discovering that household items that you would never expect can cause allergic reactions, such as, carpets, woods, and paints.

The couple spent £765,000 on a plot in Richmond to begin their journey in building their dream home, where everything from the structure to the interior was allergy-free.

Check out their hypoallergenic home below!

Where are Elinor and Born now?

Elinor does not have social media, however, Born posts regularly over on his Instagram account (@bornbarikor)

He is the founder of Our Parks, a UK Trainer for Tough Mudder, and a Lucozade Sport coach.

His Instagram is full of workouts for people to try at home!

Their hypoallergenic house has been a huge success, and they have seen a huge decrease in allergic reactions since making the move.

The last picture Born posted with the kids was in October 2020, and they seem to be doing great!



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