Grand Designs' glass home was built by a team from all around the world

Grand Designs' glass home was built by a team from all around the world

Channel 4 series Grand Designs has seen all kinds of buildings featured over the years. Kevin McCloud first began showing off all kinds of incredible properties in 1999 and since then, there’s been no shortage of awe-inspiring houses to take a look at. In 2022, a couple are building a round glass home…

Kevin McCloud kicks off season 22 with a showstopper of a home. So, let’s take a look at the curved glass house from episode 1, thought up by couple Adele and Colin Offland. They hired a team who hail from all over the world to complete their build.

Grand Designs’ glass home

During Grand Designs season 22 episode 1, host Kevin meets couple Adele and Colin who have an ambitious plan to create an eye-catching family home.

Colin and Adele employed an architect from Sweden, an interior design company from Italy and a building team from Latvia to complete their build.

Their home is made of curved glass and comes complete with ‘living walls’ per I Want Plants’ Instagram post.

Where is the house located?

Colin and Adele opted to go back to their roots and build a family home in South Manchester,

They both grew up in the area. Lancashire Times writes that the house is located “near the ‘footballer belt'”.

Colin is a Manchester-based film producer and he and his wife are hoping to create a “modernist mansion” per The Bolton News.

He’s the CEO of Chief Productions per LinkedIn and Adele is a yoga teacher per Instagram.

When is Grand Designs on in 2022?

Grand Designs is back on Channel 4 as of 9 pm on August 31st, 2022.

The show has been airing for over two decades with its first season premiering in 1999.

Kevin McCloud has always presented the show and continues in his hosting role for season 22.

Stay up-to-date with what’s to come from the show via the Grand Designs Instagram page at @granddesignstv.



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