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Grand Designs: Where are Nathan and Amye now? Updates on couple in 2021!

Nathan and Amye feature on episode 3 of the latest Grand Designs series on Channel 4. So where are the couple now?

Bringing their family together, the couple plan to build a new home for them, Nathan’s teenage kids, and an annexe for his mum and stepdad.

Five years since they first met, it’s time for a change for Nathan and Amy, who have given themselves a year to finish the project.

Where are they now? What happened to the couple after Grand Designs?

Kevin with Nathan and Amye. Picture: Channel 4

Who are Nathan and Amye?

Nathan, from Lincolnshire, has never moved far away from his home town.

He had set up local building, pub and microbrewery businesses close to home, before he met Irish teacher Amye five years ago.

Project manager Nathan has teenage kids of his own, and is set to be a new father again – as the couple have a baby on the way during the show!

Nathan works as a land director for Seagate Homes Group.

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Nathan and Amye’s Grand Designs

The couple aim to build a huge home which boasts a similar appearance to a cathedral, basing it on the Dutch barn-style houses in South Lincolnshire.

However, they want to add their own contemporary twist on their new home by adding a 5000-tile armadillo roof.

They also hope to bring three family generations together, with a wing for Nathan’s children, and an annexe for his mum and stepdad.

While Nathan does project management on the side, there is pressure to build their dream home within their timeframe of a year.

Adding to the pressure is the agricultural landscape of Lincolnshire’s reclaimed marshlands – and a new member of the family on its way!

Constant rain and a rising water table lead to excavations collapsing, as well as a 36-tonne crane sinking into the ground.

Where are Nathan and Amye now?

Nathan and Amye are now husband and wife! He proposed in July 2019.

Looking at their Facebook photos, it appears that the Grand Designs couple officially got married in September 2020.

Amye gave birth to their daughter Niamh almost one year ago, who officially turns one in February.

And it was a *spoiler alert* happy ending for Nathan and Amye, who moved into their dream home in November 2020.

One of their priorities was to turn one of the rooms (in their new Grand Designs home) into a first room for their daughter!



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