Great British Bake Off: 17 HILARIOUS tweets on Terry's moustache!

It’s quite worrying how quickly we all get attached to the contestants on Great British Bake Off, isn’t it?

Every year, by the first episode, the entire country has people they’re cheering on and people they’re secretly wishing would drop their cakes on the way to the judges’ table.

This year, of course, is no different.

But there is one slightly odd contestant that the internet seems to have fallen in love with – Terry.

Baker: Terry Credit: Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions/Channel 4

What Has Happened to Terry so Far?

Well, it all started in episode 1, biscuit week.

Terry had a pretty disastrous first two rounds, with his now infamous lamb biscuits utterly failing…

Great British Bake Off: Terry’s biscuits. Channel 4. Series 2, episode 2.

Great British Bake Off: Terry’s biscuits. Channel 4. Series 2, episode 2.

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The second round was equally disastrous, but Terry managed to pull it off in the showstopper challenge with a biscuit bake that reminded us slightly of The Silence of the Lambs…

Great British Bake Off: Terry’s biscuits. Channel 4. Series 2, episode 2.

Terry had a big scare in episode 2, too, in cake week – although he still managed to pull through and survive.

Why Do People Love Him?

Probably because he has come so close to exiting the show but managed to save himself. We Brits love an underdog and wee Terry is proving to be the little baker that could.

What Are People Saying About Terry?

There are some strong opinions on Terry…

But there are even stronger opinions on his moustache, like these amazing 17 tweets:

1. The Moustache Already Wins

2. Cannot Handle the Handlebar

3. The Moustache Dropped

4. Terry to Stay… Just Because

5. The Stache is Everything

6. Terry or Mr Monopoly?

7. GBBO or Sky Art’s Portrait Artist of the Year?

8. Just Lovely

9. If Only We Could Grow it, Too…

10. This Terrible Pun…

11. The Stache Wins

12. Uncle Terry

13. The Moustache for Star Baker?

14. The Silence of the Lamb Biscuits

15. The Power of the Tash

16. Moustache Terry is His Legal Name

17. Suspect Stache

But, ultimately, people may be realising that the nation’s love affair with Terry may end in tears.

We’ll still always love Terry, though.



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