Great British Bake Off viewers were given a education lesson as Noel Fielding revealed that Nicholas Cage invented the caged tart.

But as host Noel is known for telling lots of jokes, it’s hard to tell how accurate this piece of information really is.

So who invented the caged tart? Was it actually Nicholas Cage? We done some research to find out the pastry dish’s history!

Screenshot: Noel Fielding, Episode 5 Series 4, Great British Bake Off, Channel 4
Screenshot: Noel and Matt Lucas, Episode 5 Series 4, Great British Bake Off, Channel 4

Did Nicholas Cage invent the caged tart?

Nicholas is a 56-year-old American actor and filmmaker. He has starred in a number of films, such as Leaving Las Vegas, Ghost Rider and Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse to name just a few.

According to Noel, a caged tart – a tart contained in a lattice cage – was invented by actor Nicolas Cage.

However, it’s likely that it’s all a joke, because Matt Lucas says he already knew that, and goes on to add that Nicholas Cage watches Great British Bake Off and Homes Under the Hammer.

Given that Nicholas was once considered one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors and has a busy work schedule while living in Los Angeles, one can only assume this is unlikely!

However, in the past, many viewers have wondered if Bake Off’s name is inspired by the Face Off film which stars Nicholas Cage, playing a terrorist called Caster Troy.

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Who invented the caged tart?

According to, tarts in general come from from the Medieval pie-making tradition, and are in fact a kind of flat, open-faced pie.

Short crusts came into common use about two hundred years after pies, in 1550. But the caged tart is just one section of the circle of tarts!

The name of the exact person who invented caged tarts is unknown.

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Fans react to GBBO’s caged tarts

Most viewers recognised that Noel was joking, however the potential truth of it was welcomed by them.

One Twitter user said: “It would genuinely not surprise me if Nicholas Cage’s fave shows WERE Great British Bake Off and Homes Under the Hammer. #GBBO.”

Many fans also insinuated that the cage was representative of their time spent during lockdown.

One viewer said: “Bake off’s showstopper giving a representation of me during lockdown… “a caged tart” #GBBO.”

While another wrote: “Caged tart is many of us in lockdown…”



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