Who is Jurgen's wife on The Great British Bake Off?

Who is Jurgen's wife on The Great British Bake Off?

The well-loved baking show The Great British Bake Off has returned to Channel 4 for its 2021 series. With a whole host of new bakers joining the tent, one contestant, Jurgen, is catching the attention of many viewers.

Having been crowned the star baker during cake week, Jurgen has already made quite the name for himself in the baking competition.

With a cameo of his wife in the first episode of the series, viewers are now eager to know more about Jurgen’s family.

Reality Titbit has looked into who Jurgen’s wife is, the similarities between the pair, and the awkward moment when she didn’t pick up Jurgen’s telephone call!

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Who are Jurgen and his wife on Bake Off?

56 years old, Jurgen is originally from the Black Forest in Germany but has been living in the UK since 2003.

Working in IT as his day job, Jurgen now resides in Brighton with his wife, Sophia, son, Benjamin and their family pet rabbit called Humphrey.

Jurgen and Sophia share an interest in music as Jurgen plays the trombone whilst Sophia is a violinist.

Jurgen has passed his talent down to his son, who now also plays the trombone.

Jurgen’s wife makes Bake Off history

Following being crowned as star baker during cake week, Jurgen called his wife to share his good news with his family.

For the first time in Bake Off history, when Jurgen went to make the call, it went to voicemail and there was no one to pick up the call on the other end to congratulate him.

The silence of the phone’s ring and Jurgen’s realisation when he told the camera, “nobody at home”, saw viewers hearts melt for Jurgen.

Twitter users are now all hoping for Jurgen to make another call home on the show and for his wife to make another cameo.

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Viewers react to Jurgen and his wife’s similarities

Following Sophia’s cameo on an episode of The Great British Bake Off, many viewers took to Twitter to share the similarities that they see in the couple.

Many Twitter users seem to think that Jurgen and Sophia have very similar facial features, with one tweeting:

Many appear to be big fans of Jurgen, a new favourite for many across Twitter, particularly since seeing an insight into Jurgen’s family life.



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