Harry Baron has been a staple in the Made in Chelsea cast since series 13.

Enjoying a cosy relationship with Melissa Tattam, the wavy-haired Mr Tickle lookalike has taken a backseat when it comes to drama of late.

Let the eight newbies deal with all of that, eh.

Here’s everything you need to know about Harry Baron including his height, weight and age.

Screen Shot: Harry Baron - Made in Chelsea: Croatia, E4

Screen Shot: Harry Baron – Made in Chelsea: Croatia, E4

How old is Harry Baron?

Harry Baron is 24 years old.

Although he looks a lot older and has been previously reported as 27, Harry was born in London on  12th, 1994.

His girlfriend, Melissa Tattam, is two years younger at 22 years old.

How tall is Harry Baron?

Although we don’t know Harry’s exact height, we can provide an educated answer by sizing him up next to other Made in Chelsea characters during episodes.

Jamie Laing is on the short side, around 5ft 6.9 (170 cm).

Harry towers over Jamie by a good few inches, although he’s probably only just over the 6 ft mark, around 6ft 1 (185 cm).

How Much Does Harry Baron Weigh?

Harry has a very slim and lean physique, although he doesn’t carry much muscle mass.

Muscle weighs more than fat, and considering Harry doesn’t have either, he is most likely very light.

We believe that Harry Baron weighs around 70kg-72kg (11 stone or more).

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What Else Do We Know About Harry?

The brown-haired Chelsea-boy joined the show in March 2017, where he was introduced as a club promoter.

An instantly recognisable character due to his towering height and limbs that could outreach Mr Tickle, Harry was a PR manager and promoter for Mayfair club Amika.

However, it now looks as if he has moved on to start his own business venture as the founder of a clothing brand called Vibes.

He also does a lot of vlogging on YouTube. A tour of his house currently has 69,000 views… and it’s not even much of an MTV Crib.

Harry is also currently running a program alongside girlfriend Melissa called ‘rise against hunger’ – a charity that was set up to end world hunger by 2030.



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