Has Sue recovered? Grand Designs near death experience shocks viewers!

Has Sue recovered? Grand Designs near death experience shocks viewers!

Viewers were shocked by the dramatic twist in episode 5 of Grand Designs: The Street (Thursday, May 2nd).

Following Garrie and Sue whilst they built their dream home, no one expected the medical emergency that left Sue minutes from death to happen.

So what happened to Sue and has she made a recovery?

Here’s everything you need to know about the most shocking moment of Grand Designs: The Street.

Garrie and Sue

Meet Garrie and Sue…

Garrie, a chartered accountant working in London, and Sue, a former foster carer, are both 57-year-olds seeking to self-build their dream property.

This couple formed a relationship back in 2011 after meeting online.

Although they knew they had found true love when they met, they confirmed it by tying the knot in September 2016!

Why are they self-building?

Garrie decided to self-build at Graven Hill to create a perfect home for Sue and make the house more accessible for her, as she struggles greatly with her mobility.

Sue suffers from severe osteoporosis and a degenerative spine disorder, making their previous London apartment difficult to navigate.

The design of the house would make it entirely flat and would have a built-in lift so Sue could access the top floor.

What happened to Sue on Grand Designs?

A shocking case of pneumonia kicked in during the filming of Grand Designs: The Street.

Pneumonia involves the swelling of lung tissue, caused by a bacterial infection, which results in coughs, difficulty breathing and fever as just some of the symptoms.

Sue was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital, London after the severe case left her on the edge of death.

Grand Designs: The Street E5.

A tearful Garrie detailed how he almost lost his wife to a severe case of pneumonia.

Grand Designs: The Street E5.

Grand Designs: The Street E5.

Has she recovered?


Both Kevin McCloud and viewers at home were glad to see Sue had returned to the home by the end of the episode.

And the surprises didn’t stop there, as Sue admitted the house has already improved her health.

From a recent video of Garrie and Sue discussing their self-build property, they look like both of them are doing well!




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