Hattie and Lawrence wooed each other in the First Dates Hotel, but that was some time ago. Did a relationship blossom back in the UK?

Set in the romantic holiday destination of Italy, Channel 4 has packed up and moved its usual First Dates series abroad for a little while.

Two date-goers who first met in the picturesque location are Hattie and Lawrence, and there seemed to be a potential romance brewing for them.

We delved into social media to find out exactly whether they brought the romance back to the UK, and what they are up to now…

Screenshot: First Dates Hotel, Series 6 Episode 3, All 4

Who are Hattie and Lawrence?

Lawrence – aka “Big L”, who we were first introduced to when he rang his mum for a quick support pep talk – is a 6ft5 29-year-old from London.

He was matched with Hattie, 23, who has never had a relationship before.

Before setting her eyes on Lawrence, the barmaid revealed she wants something to have fun with, and a man who is close to his mum.

She feels like guys aren’t really interested in her, having been on two dates.

Lawrence also reveals he was “bussing” out some moves on holiday recently with his mum, who he has lived with for eight years.

Hattie and Lawrence’s date

Hitting it off straight away, Hattie opens up about how her brother grew up blind, and how she had to help him often.

Lawrence revealed he chose not to get involved in gang-related crime growing up, despite a lot of it happening in his area.

Both agreeing it has been a “great date”, it’s clear to see that Hattie and Lawrence match each other’s energy.

Ending the date on a rock, paper, scissors game to find out who should pay, they then both agree they’d like to see each other again!

Hattie and Lawrence felt a connection, before taking to the hotel day bed by the swimming pool – which led to a smooooch.

The next day, they head for a massage date together…

Screenshot: First Dates Hotel, Series 6 Episode 3, All 4
Screenshot: First Dates Hotel, Series 6 Episode 3, All 4
Screenshot: First Dates Hotel, Series 6 Episode 3, All 4
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Where are Hattie and Lawrence now?

  • They are yet to meet up, according to First Dates Hotel

It looks like the romance didn’t go any further, as Hattie’s relationship status on Facebook claims she is single.

She is continuing to work on her own business Hattie’s Threading, as a beauty therapist, which is based in Kent and Thanet in Ramsgate.

During First Dates Hotel, she said she threaded eyebrows in the day, and worked as a barmaid in the evenings.

Lawrence could not be found on her Facebook friends list.



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