So far on Grand Designs: The Street, we’ve seen tears, near deaths and relationships falling apart.

It’s been a dramatic series, to say the least!

After Roxie and Chriss relationship meltdown sent viewers wild, no one could expect another relationship to suffer on The Street.

Enter Sean and Diana…

Here’s everything you need to know about the couple and whether they’ve survived despite being 2,000 miles apart!

Sean and Dianna

Meet Sean and Dianna…

Sean Doherty (34) and his financée Dianna (31) are two young engineers from Coventry, who works for the luxury car brands Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover respectively.

They are set to use their knowledge of engineering to self-build their property in Graven Hill.

However, their plans to build – and their engagement – were complicated when Dianna got a 3-year job in Moscow, Russia.

Sean and Dianna on Grand Designs: What happened?

After Dianna made the move, it looked like cracks began to form in their relationship.

She admitted on the show that “any long distance relationship is a difficult period of anyone’s life”.

Although viewers were convinced it wouldn’t work out between the two with Dianna being so far away, Sean was convinced that “she’s definitely coming back”.

Grand Designs: The Street E5.

Did Sean and Dianna break up?

By the end of the episode, the house had not yet been finished and Dianna was still in Russia so it was hard to say whether the couple was still going strong.

However, in a recent interview with the team behind Graven Hill, we can see Sean and Dianna together again… But in their unfinished property.

Although there is still love between them, it looks like their house is the one who needs some loving!

Sean is still working with Aston Martin in Coventry, but it is unknown where Dianna works.


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