Star baker of bread week Marc Elliott highlighted his skills with a show-stopping masterpiece in the latest GBBO episode – which touched the hearts of viewers.

The Channel 4 baker impressed the judges with the creation of a Dhamma wheel, reflecting on when a Buddhism book helped him after losing his leg. This left viewers curious about the story behind how the Cornwall-based contestant lost his leg and why he now has a prosthetic body part.

So how did Marc lose his leg? We done some research to explore what happened to the 51-year-old!

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(L-R) Hermine, Sura, Rowan, Marc, Laura, Linda, Mak, Dave, Loriea, Lottie, Mark and Peter. Picture: Channel 4. Photographer: Mark Bourdillon

Meet Marc from Bake Off

Mark Elliott is a 51-year-old from St Eval, in North Cornwall. He wears a prosthetic leg and is a single father.

The GBBO baker has said that he has worked with metal and wood for most of his life, during his job as a bronze metal sculptor. He is also a landscape photographer and support worker.

He was born and raised in Leicester and decided to enter Bake Off to show his daughters that “when life throws obstacles at you, you can rise to new challenges and develop new passions”, according to Channel 4.

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How did Marc from Bake Off lose his leg?

Marc lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in 2016.

It was no surprise that he was crowned Star Baker during Bread Week, as he began to make bread as a form of therapy after losing his leg. He then went on to make cakes and pastries.

He spent his youth travelling the world and conquering mountains, and has now taken up climbing again. He shared a throwback on Instagram to a picture of him climbing Cratcliffe Tor, Peak District, in the 1990s.

Marc now calls himself an ‘amputee’ in his social media bio and regularly shares updates on his life – and bakes!

Marc on GBBO Bread Week

The 2020 Bake Off contestant showed his true talents in Bread Week (Tuesday October 6th). However he got off to a doughy start after he gets covered in muck during the first challenge.

During the showstopper challenge, he created a Dhamma wheel to symbolise a Buddhism book that he read after he lost his leg. He impressed the judges with its appearance and flavour.

This was part of a challenge which asked bakers to create a bread masterpiece about the thing they are most grateful for in their lives.

After I had the accident when I lost my leg I wasn’t in a very good place and, just trying to come to terms with what had happened, I picked up a wonderful book about the philosophy of Buddhism and what I needed to do to make my life better. It means a lot to me, this one.



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