How did Zara McDermott get caught cheating? Made in Chelsea drama explained

How did Zara McDermott get caught cheating? Made in Chelsea drama explained

After Zara McDermott said she cheated on Sam while on Celebrity X Factor, the question of how she got caught was on viewer’s minds.

Monday’s Made in Chelsea episode was nothing short of tears, which ended with Sam breaking up with Zara after finding out she slept with someone.

While we already know that the alleged man she slept with was music boss Brahim Fouradi, how did Zara get caught? We done some digging…

What did Zara McDermott do to Sam?

Zara admitted on the latest Made in Chelsea episode (October 19th) that she slept with someone while she was on Celebrity X Factor. This was allegedly record label Sygo’s A&R director Brahim Fouradi.

The MIC star said it took place around a year ago. This is when she was in a relationship with Sam.

In a conversation between Sam and Zara, he told her she was “consistently” cheating on him and told him she “couldn’t come home” despite her X Factor band mates leaving the studio.

She told Sam “everything” after he found out. When asked by Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo why Zara couldn’t tell him straight away, she said she would rather it “eat her alive” than ruin everything.

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How did Zara get caught cheating?

A mutual friend revealed what Zara had done, however how she was actually caught has not yet been confirmed. It’s clear that the friend involved had somehow heard or saw something take place while Celebrity X Factor was being filmed.

However some viewers think it could be TOWIE star Pete Wicks who found out and then told Sam. He hasn’t addressed whether this is true or not.

There are also a few fans who think the whole cheating scandal is fake in a bid for the show’s ratings to increase.

MIC fans guess how Zara got caught

One viewer wrote: “I’ve narrowed the “mutual friend” down to Megan Barton Hanson, she knows Sam and Zara. She’s following Zara, but Sam and Zara have unfollowed her.”

While one Twitter user said: “Pete knows Megan Mckenna, Megan was on X Factor with Zara.”

This theory was backed up by another viewer, who said: “My money is on Megan McKenna being the mutual friend who spilled all.

“She was on X-Factor with Zara, pals with Pete Wicks again and Pete is besties with Sam. #MadeInChelsea.”



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