Fans of British reality game show ‘The Circle’ are currently on season 3 and are wondering how the winner is decided, as well as what prize they will emerge from the other end of those flats with.

The Circle UK has been running strong since its release on Channel 4 in September 2018. The series is ranked at 7.10 on IMDB and is now on season 3, which is coming to an end this month.

The reality series follows isolated “Players” in their own flats, cut off from the outside world with only communication with one another. They use a platform called “The Circle” to interact with and rate one another until the last man standing is picked as a winner.

So, just how is the winner of The Circle UK Decided?

How is the winner of The Circle UK decided?

The winner is decided based on the ratings given to their persona from their fellow players. They can take on an alter ego and catfish their fellow players or be themselves but every interaction will inevitably lead to them being rated higher or lower.

The winner would be the person with the highest rating at the end which is why many players will opt to catfish players, in order to tug at their heartstrings or manipulate them for a higher rating.

Who are The Circle season 3 finalists?

The circle UK season 3 consists of 9 players total. More information about each contestant is shown on the line-up by Digital Spy. These are the player’s names, age and who they are playing as are as follows (In alphabetical order):

Players will come face to face after they cast their final vote but before a winner is announced for the Circle. Season 3 is hosted by Emma Willis and narrated by Sophie Willan.

What is The Circle 2021 prize?

Players are given the chance to win up to £100,000 which is the prize. However, depending on players personalities, even if they have won the heart of other players, they may not have won the heart of the public.

Viewers can use The Circle App while the series is airing, to vote for who their favourite is and the person with the most votes will essentially become ‘The Viewers Champion’ meaning the winner of The Circle may have to split their prize with The Viewers Champion if they don’t win the hearts of both the players and the public.

The series winner will be made clear on episode 21 which is set to air on Channel 4 on 9th April 2021 at 10 PM BST. You can catch up with previous episodes and seasons on the Channel 4 official website now. To use their service is free but you must register to watch and sign in.

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