Channel 4’s Aldi’s Next Big Thing sees food and drink suppliers go head to head to compete for the chance to sell their items in Aldi supermarkets.

The show is hosted by Anita Rani and Chris Bavin, and the winners are decided each week by Julie Ashford, managing director of buying at Aldi.

Each week, the show has a different theme. Last week, viewers tuned in to watch the bakery competition, which saw Harrison & Griffiths win Aldi shelf space for their rum cake.

This week, the theme was “Healthy and Wholesome” and the products competing included everything from fruit snacks and camel milk to kimchi and kombucha.

Freddie’s Farm snacks win Aldi’s Next Big Thing

The winner of this week’s “Healthy and Wholesome” competition was Freddie’s Farm Snacks, produced by Charlie and Laurie Femor from Ashford, Kent.

The couple live at Bramley Mount Farm with their son Freddie, six, and their daughter Ottie, three. Freddie was the inspiration behind the product, as the Femor’s didn’t like the snacks that were on the market for young children, which led to them creating their own.

They said: “We try to keep the flavours you get in raw fruit and veg. As a result, we have lower free sugars, which help prevent kids getting sugar highs and crashes, which we certainly like to avoid with our two at all costs.”

Ashfield was impressed with the product, calling it “fantastic.”

She said that she would be happy to give the healthy product to her children and liked that it is made in Britain by British farmers, using British produce.

How much are Freddie’s Farm Snacks in Aldi?

Freddie’s Farm Snacks will be sold in Aldi in packs of five 20g paper pouches for £2.29. They will be available in stores from November 4, so you can head down and pick up a box anytime from today.

However, if you want to purchase some of Freddie’s Farm Snacks’ other items, you can head straight to their website to pick up a mixed bag of 12 fruit shapes, or a mixed bag of 30 fruit shapes.

Parents react to Freddie’s Farm Snacks

As the episode was airing on television, viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Freddie’s Farm Snacks.

One mum tweeted: “We need Freddie’s Farm snacks! Love Aldi (there at least twice a day) but the selection of baby snacks is seriously lacking!”

Another said: “I already buy Freddie’s Farm snacks for Harry, I’d love to see them in Aldi. #AldisNextBigThing #FreddiesFarm.”

However, it is looking like the snacks might also prove popular with adults, with one hilarious Twitter user posting: “Forget the kids, I might actually eat it!”

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