How much does The Supervet charge? Plus how to visit!

Noel Fitzpatrick is a veterinary wizard. It’s undeniable.

Carrying out what seems near-impossible operations and embarking on unchartered surgical missions makes him the best of the best, not just in the United Kingdom, but the world.

But one thing that keeps people guessing during the episodes is how much any of Noel’s dramatic procedures actually cost.

We did some investigating into the real prices of The Supervet. So, how much money is it really?

Noel Fitzpatrick.

How much does The Supervet cost?

Visiting Fitzpatrick Referrals is going to cost you a pretty penny.

On their website, they describe their prices as “highly competitive”, but they are much more expensive than the average vet prices.

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However, considering Fitzpatrick Referrals is one of the most specialist and cutting-edge vet practices in the world, this is expected.

According to Money Supermarket, the average price of a vet consultation is £60.

There are no current prices on The Supervet’s practice’s website but orthopaedic consultations in 2019 were £210 (with a follow up costing £115) and neurological consultations were £265 (follow-ups at £145).

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What about the surgeries?

If the animal is in need of surgery, the prices rocket.

According to their prices as of 2019, an MRI scan alone was £1900!

The prices are all in the thousands for anything surgical, with even simple fracture repair costing over £2000. But these prices all include initial consultation, imaging and hospitalisation as well as anaesthesia and the standard implants required.

A total hip replacement is the priciest on the price list, costing £8000.

For animals with unique surgical requirements that are not on the original price list, they require a unique price estimate. We daren’t think how much some of the cutting-edge practices cost…

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How to visit Noel Fitzpatrick

The practice where Noel works his veterinary magic is located in Surrey and there are two branches.

For Orthopaedics and Neurology, you’ll need to head to Eashing, Surrey but there’s a separate branch in Guildford for Oncology and Soft Tissue.

You will, of course, have to have a referral to visit Noel Fitzpatrick, hence the name of the practice. Your usual vet would do this referral for you.



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