It’s time for shock, horror and tears.

The 2018 series of Don’t Tell the Bride is here!

Episode one aired on Wednesday, 15th August, and saw Norfolk couple, Lee and Anna get married by Elvis Presley.
How much money do they get on Don’t Tell the Bride? DTTB 2018 series

The show, which is into its eighth series, has seen some of the quirkiest wedding ceremonies to grace this planet.

So, just how much money do they get on Don’t Tell the Bride?

What is Don’t Tell the Bride?

Don’t Tell the Bride is a wedding show in which the groom-to-be plans the whole wedding.

Yep, we couldn’t think of anything worse either…
How much money do they get on Don’t Tell the Bride? DTTB s5 e10

We take our hats off to the brides-to-be, who spend three weeks away from their loved one.

Anxiety levels must be through the roof!

What is the Don’t Tell the Bride Budget?

On the plus side, the couples now get a £14,000 budget on the E4 program. Previously it was £12,000.

Although the budget isn’t too shabby, it’s up to the groom-to-be to decide exactly what the money is spent on.

And if history is anything to go by, these guys don’t spend wisely.

There have been Elvis impersonators, skydives and more than one hen-do in a bingo hall! C’mon guys, this is meant to be the most romantic day of your lives!

Apparently, all expenditure has to be run by the producers first, putting another hurdle in front of the grooms.

What Do They Normally Spend the Money on?

The guys only have three weeks to get everything together for their big day so as you’d imagine, it’s best to keep it pretty simple.

All those zany ideas and dreams have to fall by the wayside.

To most of us, ‘simple’ screams quaint, traditional wedding, but to the grooms on Don’t Tell the Bride, it’s more like an Eastenders theme, a traditional beach wedding complete with a barn full of sand or a blue wedding dress.
How much money do they get on Don’t Tell the Bride? DTTB s3 e10

We’d say it’s highly unlikely that a majority of that budget will go on the brides-to-be.

But you never know, maybe this series we’ll get to see a real fairytale wedding.

Don’t Tell the Bride: Lee’s stag heads to Vegas… wedding is in the garden!


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