How to apply for Gogglebox series 14 - Could your family be the show's next stars?

Gogglebox series 13 kickstarted on February 22nd and viewers were delighted as our favourite families returned to our screens for the recap of the week’s telly.

But have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on the show?

Well, look no further as series 14 of the Channel 4 hit show is officially taking applications!

If you fancy getting paid to watch telly in your PJ’s then here’s how to apply for Gogglebox.

Gogglebox 2019

How to apply for Gogglebox

Applications for Gogglebox 2020 have been opened!

If you are interested in taking part, get in contact and explain why you’d be right for the show at this email address – [email protected].

Previously, the show’s creator Stephen Lambert said “everybody on Gogglebox has been found and persuaded to be on the show” when it first started. But, thankfully for us, they are now accepting applications.

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Channel 4 applications are also open for many other hit shows such as Come Dine with Me, First Dates Hotel and The Circle. If you fancy applying, then go for it here.

Gogglebox 2019

How much do Goggleboxers get paid?

Although it just looks like pure fun, lots of work goes into Gogglebox.

The Goggleboxers spend about 12 hours a week filming and according to The Sun, each of the families receives £1,500 per month.

In 2017 during her time on I’m A Celebrity, ex-Goggleboxer, Scarlett Moffatt revealed that she paid off her parents’ mortgage using her wages from the show – so they can’t be paid too badly!

Keep an eye out on the Gogglebox Twitter and Instagram pages for updates on how you could get this dream job.

Gogglebox 2019

Who’s on Gogglebox Series 13?

For 2019 all of the season 12 families will be returning.

So far in they have covered TV shows and films including The Greatest Dancer, Small Fortune, Cold Feet, Famous and Fighting Crime, The Making of Me, and the news.

The Gogglebox families for series 13 are as follows:

  • Amira and Iqra
  • Dave and Shirley
  • Ellie and Issy
  • Giles and Mary
  • Pete and Sophie
  • The Malone family
  • Mary and Marina
  • Jenny and Lee
  • The Siddiqui family
  • Pete and Lynne
  • The McCormick family
  • The Michael family
  • The Woerdenweber family
  • Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan
  • Marcus, Mica, Sachelle and Shuggy



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