Channel 4’s latest lifestyle series How to Beat… sees Dr Javid Abdelmoneim and Kate Quilton target a different problem area every episode, covering everything from ageing to pain.

But the second episode (Thursday, March 19th) couldn’t come at a better time, as it deals with the best ways of dealing with stress. Javid and Kate take ten stressed volunteers, from a firefighter to a chef, and implement lifestyle changes over the course of six weeks to see which are the best methods of coping.

With a vast majority of us trapped indoors under the pretty much worldwide lockdown, the How to Beat Stress episode is the perfect remedy to help quell concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

So, here are some of the top tips we picked up from Channel 4’s How to Beat Stress.

Ep2. (From left to right) Dr Javid Abdelmoneim, students from Kings College and Andrea Mechelli Early Intervention in Mental Health, Kings College London.

How to Beat stress – Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help focus your brain on both your body and the present world around you. It allows you to get in touch with your feelings, physically and emotionally, and to process them successfully.

Yogi, aromatherapist and mindfulness healer Josephine McGrail came to offer some advice.


Some of Josephine’s basic tips revolve around breathing exercises and focussing on the world around you through smells and movement. You can find out more about Josephine on Instagram @josephinemcgrail12 where she also shares short healing guides you can follow along at home.

Walking wonders

Walking covers two of the How to Beat Stress hacks: exercise and taking a break.

The show encouraged the chef to walk to work rather than take a car or public transport.

Walking reconnects you with the outside world and is proven to be beneficial, as a vast majority spend all of our time indoors, behind a desk, or sleeping. Spending time in green spaces also reduces depression and anxiety, improves attention span, lowers blood pressure and our stress hormone and increases social activity.

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Plants, plants, plants

In the segment on healthy workspaces, they revealed that looking at plants reduces anxiety by a crazy 40%!

So, if you’re looking to find a new hobby this quarantine, then it’s time to get gardening. Get your green thumb glowing and fill your space with plants to improve your mood.

As we move into spring, this is sure to be a success – plants, flowers and herbs will be booming!

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More tips and tricks from Channel 4

Some of the research Kate and Dr Javid uncovered found that having a positive workplace and a job you enjoy leads to a less stressful life.

They also uncovered that the landscapes we surround ourselves with have a major impact on our mood and stress levels. Obviously surrounding ourselves with green spaces is important, but they showed what a role landscape architecture plays in improving our mood.

This is an obvious one, but exercise is key in reducing stress. Be it stimulating, walking or just some meditative yoga, get moving and see how it helps.