How to buy the JUNKO Core Zoomer - Buy It Now for Christmas' sustainable toy!

Buy It Now for Christmas is proving to be the shopping show none of us knew we needed!

From fantastic new card games to a speedy roast chicken cooker, the series is perfect for gift inspiration this festive season. It’s making shopping just that touch easier, when innovative and exciting items are presented to you on your screens.

Episode 2 (Thursday, December 5th) saw sustainable toy innovator wow with his DIY car maker.

So, where can you buy Peter’s JUNKO Zoomer kit from Buy It Now for Christmas?

Screenshot: Buy It Now for Christmas 2019 E2 – 4oD

Who is Peter from Buy It Now for Christmas?

Peter Rope is a graphic designer who has turned his attention to toys. And, in particular, sustainable toys.

After having a heart attack at the age of 44, Peter stepped away from his stressful city job and started to pursue his other interests. This lead him to create JUNKO, the toy he brought to Buy It Now for Christmas.

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On the JUNKO website, Pete says:

JUNKO all began when I was making a junk model car from a juice carton with my kids and we didn’t have anything to make working wheels with.

With the help of his wife Beth and the testing from his twin sons, Orson and Hector, they perfected the sustainable toy.

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What is the JUNKO Core Zoomer?

The JUNKO toy includes a frame and wheels which help you turn household junk – such as old cartoons, bottles and so on – into working toy cars.

Pete created this toy to not only stop the overconsumption of plastic in the toy industry, but to encourage his children to be more hands-on and proactive with creating. It is also made out of 100% recycled plastic, has no plastic packaging and is made in the UK.

The JUNKO kits are held together by magnetic clips, making it easy to assemble and take apart. Thousands of toys can be made from just one kit!

It is the ideal present for the 6 to 9 age bracket.

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Screenshot: Buy It Now for Christmas 2019 E2 – 4oD

Where can you buy the JUNKO kits?

Pete made two sales with the retailers, Amazon Launchpad and JML. Both ordered 600 units. As it is a specialist and specific item, Lakeland did not bite.

The JUNKO Core Zoomer kit was on sale in the episode for £32.99. This is how much it is for sale on Amazon.

There is also the regular JUNKO Zoomer kit, which costs just £3 more than the core kit.

You can also buy the toy kits on their website, where you can see they have five different kits – including to make dolls’ houses!




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