How to Lose Weight Well is back on Channel 4 this January to help all those seeking to switch-up their lifestyles and shed some pounds.

Already, viewers have been introduced to everything from drastic military-inspired diets to the same diet Beyoncé follows. But it is the New York diet in episode 4 (Monday, January 27th) which has really captured people’s attention.

So, what is the diet? How do you follow it?

Screenshot: How to Lose Weight Well S5 E4 – 4oD

What is the New York diet?

The diet created by Dr Xand is inspired by the Big Apple itself.

Based around big diner-style breakfast, walking around the city, and small dinners, the diet follows the daily life of a true New Yorker. The diet is also “prohibition style,” meaning no booze – well, apart from a Manhattan once a week as a treat!

The example breakfast cooked up for the guinea pig of the episode, Cassie, was a low-fat cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel with a whitefish salad. At 743 calories for breakfast, it certainly is a lot. On the other hand, the dinners are based on low-carb and low-calorie options such as salads.

The fun element to the New York diet is that it takes inspiration from the multiculturalism of the city, meaning Japanese, Mexican, and Puerto Rican flavours are all on the menu.

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Does the New York diet actually work?

Cassie was not overly thrilled by the food on offer but it grew on her as time went by. Still, between her diet plan and her BFF Becky, they both preferred Becky’s Yorkshire Dales diet.

But the New York diet was still a resounding success.

Over the 3-month course, Cassie lost 1st 10lbs. This was just 2lbs less than Becky lost!

Cassie called it a “lifestyle change 100%” saying that it had changed the way she viewed cooking.

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What about the pizza diet?

If you thought diets were all about cutting out the good stuff, you’d be wrong.

Pasquale Cozzolino ingeniously designed ‘the pizza diet’, one where you get to eat a pizza every single day. But this is not just your average takeaway pizza, as it has to be a homemade one using fresh ingredients. So no more Domino’s!

On top of the daily pizza, you will also need to do between 30 and 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per day.

By the end of the course, Nath (who tried it for 42 days) lost 9lbs!

Screenshot: How to Lose Weight Well S5 E4 – 4oD