Hunted: Who is Ben Owen? Meet Channel 4’s real-life 007 and former sniper!

Channel 4 series Hunted 2020 follows 10 ordinary British citizens who go on the run and must hide from getting caught at all costs.

A team of 30 investigators has the mission to track them down, but that’s not an easy task when there is a £100k prize money in the whole picture.

Investigator Ben Owen is the definition of a real-life 007 agent as he used to be an officer at the British Intelligence.

So who is Ben Owen on the Hunted? Here’s everything you need to know about him, including age, career, Twitter and more.

Hunter Peter Bleksley with Ben Owen and Zoe Spinner

Who is Ben Owen?

Ben Owen is 41 years old and is the head investigator on Channel 4’s Hunted series.

He is a former military sniper and has worked for nearly 15 years for the British Intelligence and British Security.

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Ben Owen’s career

Ben joined the military at the age of 20. In 1999, he worked as a sniper and oversaw operations at Gulf War II and in Kuwait. For many years, Ben was a key figure in maintaining security and intelligence in the UK.

After retiring from his military career, Ben moved to star in reality programmes. He made his first appearance on Hunted back in 2015 – the same year the show was created and broadcast on Channel 4.

In addition, he was the only British contestant who appeared in the American version of Hunted on CBS.

Hunter Peter Bleksley with Ben Owen and Zoe Spinner.

The Hunters Events

Ben is the creator and owner of The Hunters Events – an interactive experience for fans of the show. It’s created for small groups and/or individuals who want to learn basic investigative skills.

To participate, you must be 16+ years old. You can find more information and the latest events here.

Ben Owen on Twitter

Ben keeps a strong social media presence on Twitter. You can find him under the name of @BenOwen42.

His Instagram profile is private though, but you can give him a follow here.




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