Meet Treasure from Inside Missguided: Real name and Instagram explored

Inside Missguided: Made in Manchester does what it says on the tin. 

The new Channel 4 documentary series grants viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how one of the fastest growing UK fashion brands is run. From the original designs to the marketing and promotion, Inside Missguided takes us through the office’s production chain.

In going behind-the-scenes, we also get to meet the many faces who run the operation. And if there’s one cast member who has stood out this season, it’s Treasure.

So, with Treasure the star of Inside Missguided, we thought it best to learn more about her. Find out about Treasure here, from career beginnings to Instagram!

Screenshot: Inside Missguided S1 E1 – 4oD

Who is Treasure?

Treasure Deloren, whose real name is Treasure Evans, is the Senior Creative and Campaign Manager. She is also the Creative Director of Missguided. Treasure is 29-years-old and originally from Heywood, Greater Manchester.

Treasure joined the company in 2016 as the retail visual manager. From there she worked her way up, landing the role she’s in now in September 2018.


Before joining the team at Missguided, Treasure had worked for major brands River Island and Diesel.

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Treasure on Inside Missguided

Speaking in episode 1 (Wednesday, August 12th) about how she got involved with the company, Treasure said:

I left school at 16 but then I came to Missguided and worked my way up, and I’m literally doing the dream job.

Treasure works on every single campaign that the brand puts out. When speaking to the company about what her favourite was to work on, Treasure said that it was the LOVE THY SELF campaign. Treasure said the campaign “is so close to [her] heart.” She continued: “The talent that were part of that campaign embodied everything that I think and feel and want for the brand.”

Follow Treasure on Instagram

Since her appearance on the Channel 4 documentary, Treasure’s social media platform has boomed. Now, Treasure has over 12,000 Instagram followers.

You can find her on Instagram under the handle @treasuredeloren.

Expect tonnes of Missguided campaigns and pics of Treasure’s inspirations in what is essentially Treasure’s mood board. Plus an occasional picture of Treasure here and there!

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