Inside the insane villa from MIC Cape Town - How much per night? Who slept with who?

The only thing more astonishing than Jamie Laing admitting that he fancied Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo was the outrageous Made in Chelsea: Cape Town villa.

Episode 9 of the 2019 series saw the gang elope to Cape Town, South Africa, all because Olivia Bentley needed a little holiday.

While others in the UK may find refuge in a Marvin Gaye mixtape and a shower to boost their libido, Liv and Digby had one of the most insane villas at their disposal.

Welcome to the Moondance Suites.

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea Cape Town

What is The Moondance Villa?

Made in Chelsea stars James Taylor, Eliza Batten, Olivia Bentley, Digby Edgley, Verity Bowditch, Freddie Browne, Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing shacked-up in the stunning Moondance Villa for their time in Cape Town.

The villa is a luxury getaway experience that can’t be found on your regular type sites.

You have to request to make a reservation through the official website.

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If you are accepted, however, your villa will come fully equipped with a private chef, butler (not James Taylor), fully -stocked pantry, yoga session, wine tasting experience, bar as well as a trip in a helicopter for a bird’s eye view of Cape Town.

But considering we didn’t see any of that in a pretty boring episode, perhaps the MIC producers cheaped out when it came to the package.

MIC Cape Town experience – what’s the cost?

The Made in Chelsea cast would have visited the villa in March/April.

The cost for a stay over this period is a ridiculous £6,754… per night.

Moondance also state on their website that the minimum stay is four nights, meaning that off-the-cuff holiday in Cape Town could have set back Liv over £25,000.

Let’s hope the others offered to split the bill!

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea Cape Town

Made in Chelsea stars 100% slept together!

Interestingly, there were eight cast members on the trip.

And, as it states on the website, the villa has exactly four en-suite bedrooms.

So, who shacked up with who?

Did Jamie Laing bed Habbs or Verity Bowditch? Because we can’t see Freddie Browne and J-man bunking together!

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 – Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing?

Screenshot: Made in Chelsea 2019 – Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing?



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