The temperature on Shipwrecked 2019’s Cook Islands just got cranked up a notch.

Island newbie Daisy Bowles touched down on the E4 series on Wednesday night (January 30th), and instantly went about telling everyone that her ‘luxury island item’ was a sex toy.

Thanks for that, Daisy.

Here’s everything you need to know about Daisy including seven ridic pics from her Instagram account.

(L – R) Tom, Big T, Kush, Liv, Chris, Khalia, Emma, Hollie and Harry

No Filter

It’s safe to say that Daisy will bring a certain amount of X-rated naughtiness to Shipwrecked 2019.

The 22-year-old potty mouth titled this Insta snap with “when he accidentally slips it in ya booty hole”.

Essex Gal

Daisy hails from the Essex, although she has plenty of holiday snaps on Insta.

Still, we’re not sure that means her tan is real…

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Whoops 😜

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Beach Bod

You can’t blame E4 for trying to ‘sex-up’ Shipwrecked considering the success that Love Island has found in shoving models in bikinis and filming them.

Unfortunately, however, audiences have not reacted well to the change in format with the British public seeing Shipwrecked as nothing more than a Love Island knock-off.

Sorry, Daisy. You can put your top back on now!

Happy Easter!

With Easter just around the corner, what better way to celebrate it than with this bunny.

Pick Your Poison

With the like of co-star Harry Goodwins declaring that he’s “single as a Pringle”, some fiery sexual tension will surely submerse the island.

Pick your poison carefully… lads.

Nippy Out?

Although E4 won’t be allowed to film any topless sunbathing, we’re sure that Daisy would be more than happy soaking in the rays without a bikini.

After all, the Shipwrecked island looks a lot less nippy than it does in the U.K right now…

Looking for Stardom

According to Daisy’s LinkedIn account, she has previously worked as a service administrator at Mercedes-Benz, senior sales executive and a model with Abercombie & Fitch.

Right now, however, her status is “looking for opportunities”.

So yeah, no need for the pretend work attire.

Best of the Rest!

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Vibe 😎

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