Steve Jones is known for presenting F1, but this time he is switching gears for homes on Channel 4. Now host of Perfect House Secret Location, we spoke to him about busy schedules, the countryside, and surprising families.

For four weeks, viewers will see Steve road-test his unconventional approach to house hunting in a bid to transform people’s lives. He takes four families to incredible dream homes, but they have zero idea where any of them are.

During the first episode, he helps childhood sweethearts Steffi and Jimmy McGeoghan find a house with sufficient space for their three young children, Steffi’s disabled mother, Siby and Jimmy’s home office.

Steve spoke to Reality Titbit about just how he fit filming into his hectic F1 calendar, his plans to take his wife to the property show’s locations, and his discovery of realising Britain is “bloody lovely.”

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Perfect House, Secret Location – Steve Jones. Picture: Channel 4 Press

Steve talks Perfect House Secret Location

From Wales to now living in England, Steve has done a great deal of travelling across Britain already. However, being chosen to host Channel 4’s new property show Perfect House Secret Location was like nothing he’d done before.

He experienced a “real sense of adventure” while filming, and touched on how a show like this one hasn’t been done in the past. It’s not just about buying homes, as families are blindfolded so they don’t know where the house is located.

Steve told Reality Titbit:

I had lots of fun travelling around Britain, and it turns out Britain is bloody lovely. We see whether they want to put in the offer so there is a lot of intrigue and them asking ‘where are we?’. There was a place we went to on the East Coast when one of our house members worked out where we were. There was a big gas tank in the front garden, and as a lot of people don’t have gas plumbed in, you can work it out. But it’s not the end of the world if they do.

The presenter spoke of how each family knew what they were getting themselves into, and jokily said that he’s “confident nobody will press charges.” He added:

A show like this hasn’t been done before… We’ve taken a selection of lovely families, blindfolded them and put them in the back of a van. They might fall in love with a home they would never have picked in a million years.

How he fit filming into F1 calendar

Fans will already know that Steve is usually filled to the brim with Formula 1 presenting, but he managed to fit filming Perfect House Secret Location into his “insane” schedule by squeezing in four hour-long episodes across five days.

However, the quick-paced filming – which took place at the end of 2021 – was all worth it, because the F1 presenter had what he describes as a “blast” filming the show, which was mainly down to the families getting really engaged.

Steve recalled just how big of a commitment agreeing to host the show was. He revealed:

It was snout to tail and took five days. We were shooting for 3 days, and then travelling back wherever I may be in the country. It was a big commitment for a show.

Despite never having done a property show before, the presenter said filming the unusual show was “amazing” as it provides not just entertainment, but also a real sense of humour. He continued:

Once it [filming] starts, it doesn’t stop. We had wonderful people in the back of the van, so I enjoyed the company and guiding them in this life-changing decision. I remember this one family at this old windmill which was converted, we took off their blindfolds and said ‘welcome to your new home’. Seeing their reactions was delicious.

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Steve plans to take wife to countryside

When Steve’s eyes were opened to just how “bloody lovely” Britain is, he decided to take wife Phylicia Jackson-Jones to the show’s locations. The couple usually spend most of their time living across London and Windsor.

The Channel 4 host told Reality Titbit:

We spend our time between London and the countryside in Windsor. Where we currently are, we love it, it’s a great home, but we both have an itch to live in the sea. [When visiting the show locations, I thought] I could live here, so it definitely inspired me. I’m planning to take Phylicia to these locations.

Looking around the different locations with families actually inspired him as the presenter, so he has high hopes for those watching. Not only is the show set to be “entertaining”, he believes viewers will “get something out of it”!



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