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Is 24 Hours to Hell and Back staged? Channel 4 fans question Gordon Ramsay's show!

Gordon Ramsay recently returned with a new series of 24 Hours to Hell and Back on Channel 4 but is the show staged?

The British celebrity chef is back for the third season of his series as he travels across the United States in search of restaurants that need a desperate revamp.

But many viewers have questioned the reality show’s authenticity, wondering whether it’s staged or not.

So, is 24 Hours to Hell and Back scripted?

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Viewers question 24 Hours to Hell and Back

Gordon Ramsay has appeared in a number of cooking competitions, both in the UK and in the US.

The celebrity chef is back for a third outing of 24 Hours to Hell and Back which kicked off on January 6th, 2021 on Channel 4.

But despite 24 Hours to Hell and Back being dubbed as a reality competition, some viewers have questioned whether the show is following some sort of script.

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Is 24 Hours to Hell and Back staged?

  • It’s unknown if 24 Hours to Hell and back is staged or not.

However, Gordon Ramsay acknowledged the fact that there’s a lot that goes behind-the-scenes of his reality shows as are there are editors and producers involved in every stage.

Speaking in a promo of his online class on MasterClass, he said: “It’s easy to cook on TV. There are talented producers, there are editors and there are all sorts of things that make you look good. Before any TV came any way near my career, I’ve mastered my crafts.”

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More about 24 Hours to Hell and Back

Many viewers also have questioned whether one day is actually enough for Gordon and his team to renovate a restaurant.

Gordon addressed those concerns from fans and told Touch Bistro: “You’ll be surprised what you can do after three decades in this business in 24 hours. We do our due diligence, we do our homework constantly and then we come up with a plan, a conceptualized plan before we get here.

“So the good news is that we’re sorta rigging these businesses, for two to three weeks, with CCTV cameras. We get all the footage, condensed. I know where all the bodies are buried and then I can get straight to work. So, yeah, it’s twenty-four hours, but it’s almost like a week’s work.”



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