Is The Celebrity Circle live? Fans confused about how Channel 4 series will work!

The Celebrity Circle is back on our screens, lifting our spirits during the lockdown. But this time, things are slightly different to usual…

Hosted by Emma Willis, the spin-off show is a celebrity version of Channel 4’s The Circle, which is all being done in aid of Stand Up To Cancer.

Usually, the series is live when being aired, with the least popular players at risk of being blocked from the game entirely – and their identity revealed.

So, is the Celebrity Circle live? How does the format of the 2021 series differ to previous seasons? Let’s get to grips with exactly what happens.

Rickie Haywood and Melvin Odoom, The Celebrity Circle. Picture: Channel 4

The Celebrity Circle: Rules

Each contestant lives in a separate apartment, and can only speak with other stars through a social media platform.

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The ultimate goal is to be called the most popular by the other contestants.

They are able to be whoever they want, whether that’s a completely different person – a catfish – or to be themselves.

Whoever ends up as the least popular players are put at risk of being blocked from the game, and their identity revealed.

Of course, this is a reality TV show – so Emma Willis is expected to send some surprise alerts to the contestants as the series gets underway!

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Is The Celebrity Circle live?

  • No

Usually, The Circle is aired on Channel 4 live, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, filming took place way ahead of the show being launched.

Some fans have shared their confusion as to how the whole format of The Celebrity Circle would work.

One Twitter user wrote: “How’s this gonna work? Has it already been filmed? Because nobody can cat fish now if they know who’s in the show.”

However, the celebrities were clueless about any possible identities being revealed, while the series was filmed last year.

When was The Celebrity Circle filmed?

  • Autumn 2020

When the filming took place, the celebrities had no idea who was being a catfish and who was being themselves.

In line with the Covid-19 filming guidelines, The Celebrity Circle, plus the upcoming The Circle were captured on camera.

The Celebrity Circle will air immediately before the third series of The Circle, when members of the public will be taking part.



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