Freya Cox is currently aiming to get the Bake Off 2021 crown, but viewers seem more interested in her vegan bakes, like her pavlova.

Dessert week had fans gobsmacked at the treatment Freya got for making a vegan pavlova, with some accusing Paul Hollywood of picking on her.

And that wasn’t the only reaction the baker got, as the red swirls in her vegan pavlova saw viewers assume she was hinting at her sexuality.

We looked into Freya’s vegan bakes, as well as how GBBO Twitter erupted at the sight of her pavlova during the October 12th episode.

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Is Freya Cox vegan?

Yes, Freya is vegan and tends to stick to bakes without eggs – and this was recognised by those watching as most cakes involve them!

However, the show was difficult for the contestant as she had to use animal products for the technical challenges, as per the rules.

This led to Freya apologising to viewers, as some criticised her for not sticking to her veganism on Bake Off.

A report by The Standard claims she deleted a Facebook page after she was trolled for being a vegan who rides horses.

Her plant-based bakes may have been the subject of controversy, but many have instantly listed her as their favorite for the same reason.

Viewers react to Freya’s pavlova

Freya was assumed by some viewers to be supporting the LGBTQ community, when she added pink and red swirls to her pavlova.

While unconfirmed by the baker, she received lots of praise for sticking to her vegan beliefs when making the sweet dessert.

She used aquafaba, which is made from chickpeas, to replace the egg whites that the other contestants used in their bakes.

One fan wrote: “I have so much respect for Freya sticking to complete veganism for all of her recipes. Even when it makes her life so much harder, like with this pavlova, what a legend.”

“Freya has my full backing this week. A vegan pavlova? Go on girl! #GBBO” said another viewer who tuned in.

While a fan said: “Freya’s wearing cherry red docs and used the lesbian flag colours in her pavlova i think i love her even more.”

Previous vegan Bake Off stars

Amid veganism becoming more known all over the world, Freya has made history as the first fully vegan Bake Off contestant.

But there have been previous stars who had dietary requirements before.

This includes 2020 winner Peter Sawkins, who usually made gluten-free bakes as he often created sweet treats for his brother, who was intolerant.

So there is a lot of success to be had in vegan or gluten-free bakers, as they are usually faced with slightly different recipes for their creations.



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