Is romance blossoming on Bake Off: The Professionals? We found Sanjam and Jake on Instagram!

The Great British Bake Off is one of the UK’s favourite programmes.

The Channel 4 show brought out a spin-off version in the form of Bake Off: The Professionals in 2016.

The baking competition is onto its second series as of 2019 and it’s already in full swing!

So, what’s the latest romance going on inside the Bake Off: The Professionals competition?

Screen Shot: Bake Off: The Professionals – Channel 4

What happened on Bake Off episode 6?

It was Chocolate Week on Bake Off: The Professional episode 6.

The chefs had to endure a secret recipe challenge and on day two they had to create a Showpiece involving a sun, sea and sky extravaganza, three types of chocolates, and a moving part.

The judges were asking for colour, technique creativity and more!

Is romance blossoming on the show?


Sanjam of The Courthouse Cheshire and Jake of Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square seem to be kindling a romance.

During Chocolate Week the contestants had to make roses out of thin chocolate.

The show’s host, Tom Allen, asked Sanjam if she’d ever received any roses.

Sanjam replied: “I have, yesterday!”

Tom continued: “Do you know who by?”

Sanjam then said:

It may or may not be someone in this room.

Later Tom spoke with Jake from Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square.

Jake said that he’s very romantic and it emerged that he liked someone on the competition!

Sanjam and Jake on Instagram

Two contestants of the show – Sanjam and Jake – made their fondness for each other clear in episode 6.

Sanjam is on Instagram as @sanjamm_ with almost 1,000 followers.

Her Bake Off love interest, Jake, is also on Insta as @getalifeandfork with over 2,000 followers.

It’s hard to tell if the pair are in a relationship but there’s no sign of them on each other’s social media.


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