Is Seyi Rhodes married? Sex On The Beach presenter's love life explored

Presenter Seyi Rhodes is on a journey to find out the truth between older women seeking out younger Gambian men.

It comes as part of new Channel 4 series Sex On The Beach, which gives us an insight into the UK tabloid headlines as Seyi talks to men in Gambia who are picked up by older European women for sex and relationships.

As he is seen revealing the truth behind their love lives, many viewers were curious to know more about Seyi’s love life. So is the presenter married? We explored Seyi’s love life in a bid to find out!

Seyi Rhodes. Picture: Channel 4

Meet Seyi Rhodes

Seyi is a 41-year-old British television presenter from London.

The Sex On The Beach host is also an investigative journalist of Nigerian descent, and spent part of his childhood in Nigeria after being born in London.

He has worked for the BBC, Channel 4 Television, Five Television and Current TV. Since 2008, he has been the in-vision presenter and reporter for Channel 4’s Unreported World documentary series.

Rhodes initially joined the BBC as a researcher, and in 2001 joined Channel 4 to work on the platform’s Dispatches programme.

Is Seyi Rhodes married?

Seyi is not wearing a wedding ring in any of his Instagram pictures, so it looks like he isn’t married.

While the Channel 4 presenter is a father, it doesn’t look as though he is in a relationship either.

He keeps most of his family life private, and instead regularly shares posts about his reporting career.

Where else have we seen Seyi?

Seyi spent three years as Matthew Wright’s sidekick on Channel 5’s ‘The Wright Stuff’, where he was seen interviewing celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp on the red carpet.


He has made several films such as Nigeria’s Millionaire Preachers and The World’s Worst Prison in Haiti.

In 2017, he joined Channel 4s Tricks of the Restaurant Trade that saw him on the streets of London inviting members of the public to taste unusual food.



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