Did Jake catwalk to romance with model Megan? Teen First Dates' update!
Jake D and Megan Tia W, Teen First Dates. Picture: Channel 4

Did Jake catwalk to romance with model Megan? Teen First Dates' update!

Teen First Dates has seen giggles, nervousness, and sometimes, a spark in the air (with a hint of Lynx). Did Jake and Megan find their match?

We have seen plenty of teenagers enter the dating world throughout the First Dates spin-off, including Jake’s blind date with Megan.

Before they met, Jake accidentally mistook a complete stranger as Megan, introducing himself to a random lady who walked towards him… Oops.

So, here’s how Jake and Megan’s date went – let’s find out whether they chose to see each other again, and what happened next!

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Who are Jake and Megan?

Jake, 19, from Manchester, first described himself as a “player” in the past.

He admitted there hasn’t been a girl who he has clicked with, and said he has never had a girlfriend or been in love.

Jake works full-time at a butchers, and said he loves speaking to customers.

His date Megan is a 19-year-old student and model from Sheffield, who says she finds guys are a bit intimidated by the fact she studies law.

Claiming he is ready for a relationship, Jake is ready to watch Harry Potter on a Sunday with that special someone.

Jake and Megan’s date

Straight away, Megan reveals that he is gorgeous!

He lets slip that he was worried his date wouldn’t be good-looking, but says the personality between him and Megan is “banging right now”.

She definitely didn’t like it when Jake called her darling – not hesitating to point it out – and questioned him on a few comments.

It wasn’t the be all and end all though, as they were laughing often, and seemed comfortable in each other’s company.

At one point, Jake actually walks into the bathroom where Megan is telling a fellow toilet-goer that it is the “nicest date she’s ever been on”. Awks.

They bond over their passion for Italy – as Jake is part Italian – and Megan tells him she really wants to visit on holiday.

He says it’s their “second date location” – steady on, Jake!

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What happened next for Jake and Megan?

  • It didn’t work out for the pair, as Jake didn’t keep in contact

Following their date, Megan said she fancied him, but got the vibe at first that he might not have a nice personality.

However, when she got talking to him, she said he showed he wasn’t like that, and Jake said their energy was completely similar.

He said everything about it went perfectly – and they kissed at the end! Despite this, he later said he is sorry he didn’t keep in contact.

Megan went on to say: “It is what it is, his loss.”

Looking at their Instagram profiles, it doesn’t seem like either of them are in relationships, and both appear to be single.



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