Who is James from The Circle 2021? Gladiators stint and Instagram revealed!
The Circle S3 - James Crossley

Who is James from The Circle 2021? Gladiators stint and Instagram revealed!

James Crossley, who was on the television show Gladiators, is one of the contestants on the 2021 series of The Circle – here’s his age, career and Instagram explored.

The Circle is finally back for its much-anticipated third season with new contestants who hope to outsmart each other and win the grand cash prize.

One of the stars on the 2021 series is James Crossley who has enough television experience behind his back.

Let’s meet The Circle star on Instagram and get to know him better.

The Circle S3 – James Crossley

Who is James?

James, 47, is a bodybuilder, online personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach based in London.

He is known for playing Hunter on the sports entertainment game show Gladiators, which aired from 1993 to 2000.

James suffered several dislocated shoulders and speaking more about this and his time on Gladiators, he recently told Metro:

“I dislocated my shoulder six times. It just kept coming out. Because of the time restriction of the show I could never get it properly sorted. That would have meant being out for seven months.

“A lot of people didn’t realise that we filmed two shows a day, with two days on and two off. In one weekend we’d have filmed four shows.”

The Circle 2021 star is a qualified yoga instructor at Sadhana Wellbeing, has trained as an actor and presented on ITV’s Peak Performance.

Moreover, he broke the world record for lifting the Dinnie Stones, on May 1st, 2018.

Why is James on The Circle?

James is taking part as NHS nurse Gemma on the Channel 4 series.

When asked about why he decided to be on the show, James revealed that he if he wins, he would like to donate some money to the NHS.

He also added: “The reason for doing The Circle and being a catfish is the challenge of playing somebody else. I’m really just going on to try and challenge myself to do something completely different.”

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Follow James on Instagram

Those people who are after a new workout or fitness tips, may have across James’ Instagram profile.

The Circle 2021 star already enjoys a massive fan base and he currently has 27.2k followers.

You can find James under the handle @mrjamescrossley.



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