Meet the Jessie J lookalike from Naked Attraction: Fans shocked at Clare's resemblance to singer!

A Naked Attraction contestant who had an extremely similar resemblance to Jessie J shocked fans…

Clare appeared on the third episode of the current Channel 4 series to have her pick out of a line-up of completely naked bodies.

However fans weren’t as shocked as its usual affair of nudity, but rather the uncanny resemblance she had to singer Jessie J.

Let’s meet the lookalike who viewers thought could be the real deal…

Screenshot: Clare, Naked Attraction, Series 7 Episode 3, Channel 4

Meet Clare

Clare is a 21-year-old opera singer who says she is the “big friendly giant”.

At a height of 6 foot, she went on the show in the hopes of finding someone who is at least the same height as her.

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The Naked Attraction contestant identifies as a pansexual woman, meaning she “falls in love with people regardless of gender”.

Clare has been in relationships with men and women, as well as a couple.

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Clare on Naked Attraction

Clare had her pick of private parts from both genders on the show.

It came down to two contestants, Owen and Chantelle, and she chose Owen.

After going on a date, it looks like Clare and Owen said they would see where it goes, and both admitted they fancy each other.

As she entered the show, Clare said:

I just really want to find someone to grow old with. I just love love.

Fans react to Clare’s resemblance to Jessie J

The Naked Attraction show actually played one of Jessie J’s songs as Clare walked out completely bare.

Viewers couldn’t believe how similar Clare looked to the singer. Some were actually convinced it was the real Jessie J…



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